TextBlade with gestures?

I know we just want to see the TextBlade shipping and certainly don’t want it to be delayed because of new abilities. I agree with that. But I also am interested in future ideas.

Some time back there was talk about mouse capabilities on the TextBlade as a future addition. After all, with touch sensitive keys, that might be possible. The problem, of course, is the small size to work with.

But recently I’ve been using the Vivaldi Browser and one of the things it allows is mouse gestures. I don’t use a lot, partly because it can be hard to remember a whole bunch when you aren’t used to them! But I have found those few to be very handy and the ones I use sure don’t take up much space.

For example, my most common usage is simply using the mouse to move the cursor up and right back down to reload a page. This is better than moving the mouse over to the reload icon, especially when on a big screen like mine where it is a good distance away.

Yes, I know I can easily to the three keys necessary for Command-R on a TB to reload, but I’m just using this as an example.

But even so, if I could just drag my finger up and down on a key blade, that action would be simpler than command-R.

Of course, as I said, Vivaldi lets me do it with the mouse which is nice if not using the keyboard at the time. But moving a mouse that way is certainly more awkward than dragging the finger on the TextBlade would be.

So, if the TB is considered to be too small to work as a mouse, I certainly don’t think it would be too small for gestures.

Meanwhile, I am considering another mouse. My preset Logitech Performance has extra buttons I program to do some common things:

Enlarge text, make text smaller, close active tab, and one to force quit the active app.

But they have another one (G604) which is supposed to work with the steermouse app for programming it. It has additional buttons so I could make one of them “reload” a page and maybe one for going back a page on a website.

With TB gestures, whether I’m working with ONLY the keyboard or ONLY the mouse, I could do most common things pretty easily.

Of course, there is also the possibility of a WayTools mouse if the TB ever ships. Maybe that will be even better.