TextBlade status updates

It’s so very time consuming and energy-sucking to find official WayTools updates on where things stand regarding completion status on the TextBlade, I’m requesting again that WayTools institutes a fixed forum category to deliver such information – especially since the blog has been inactive since August. Hopefully, that will enable us customers to quickly check in and find out what’s up, without having to search through the heap of vitriol and speculation that the forum has become. WayTools, please consider this for your next (hopefully soon) update and all future entries. Maybe it’s back to using the blog, it’s your call, but please make this process easier for everyone (including you). Thanks very much for thinking about this suggestion.

I look forward to your next update and to ultimately receiving the market-ready product.


You’re absolutely right. What I’ve now done is bookmarked WayTools profile on the forum. That way you don’t need to read through all the ‘noise’ to find official posts.

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Last real post was on the 5th.

Just go here: https://forum.waytools.com/users/waytools/activity/posts

Adriandday and xsylus:

Wow – a bit embarassing… I didn’t realize that this functionality was present. Thanks so much.


I hadn’t realised that either, however, your point is still valid. It WOULD be nice to have a central topic only for WayTools to post updates (with comments disabled, naturally).

Yup… It’s no big deal (now that I know about the filter), but it still would be nice.