TextBlade shown in AirPod review

Was just reading a review about AirPods and when the reviewer showed his bluetooth settings… surprise, surprise. A TextBlade (3 different settings) are shown.


I doubt the author has more than one TextBlade.

More likely that they did not delete the iPhone’s previous pairings before initiating a new pair request from their TextBlade.

I have 3 profiles on my iPad. 1 for iPad. 1 for when i use Jump Desktop for my Windows work computer. A third for my backup TextBlade.

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FYI - Article author has multiple machines linked to his TextBlade, ergo the record of multiple pairings.

Btw - his review of AirPods 2 is a great read, and pretty convincing that they are worth buying.

(They are).

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I am watching Fringe right now with my son while using the new pair of AirPods 2 I received in the mail today. They slightly changed the fit. I love them!

Does the Airpods 2 support APTX for low latency support?

I am interested in a pair, but don’t want to find out that they suck using them to watch video programming on my samsung TV. I had a pair of beats wireless x2 I think, and they didn’t cut it, watching a basketball game, seeing the ball go through the hoop and then hear the sqish a moment later and the cheer of the crowd wasn’t doing it for me.

You do realize that the amp in the AirPods2 is not a tube amp, right?

I find that very hard to adjust to :wink:

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