TextBlade Copier?

I have recently moved to looking for good on-line typing tutorials that would work for custom layouts and preferably with custom graphical setups so the screen matches the layout… Also hoping for the perfect world and it working on the iPad (even if on web).

I ran across this site.


It really looked like he has copied the layers of the TextBlade… almost identically in his latest iteration.

Does it look like this to anyone else?

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That look like some variation of the Atreus keyboard from Phil Hagelberg, which I believe, he created around 2014 and in development ever since and quite popular amongst mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Just ask Reddit. (There is now also a comercial version available on Kickstarter).

That one in particular looks like a Corne keyboard

I have been pondering myself about getting one instead of the ever elusive Textblade but haven’t done so for a couple of reasons:
1 - I REALLY don’t want all those wires but rather Bluetooth
2 - I have a MS Sculpt Ergonomic (MSSE) and I have yet to see a variation of the Atreus or the Corne that provide a design with the same kind of “wave”/curvature than the MSSE. I would have to design and print a case (which would also have to be VERY slim) to my liking (padded wrist rest, etc), which I’m not really in the mood for.

But the general idea that keyboards can have fewer keys and more layers is not new to the Textblade itself and has been explored multiple times in the past decades. Just look at stenography machines for instance.

What the Textblade (supposedly*) does very well is combine that functionality with multiple devices in a tiny package and thus why it is so attractive.

*I have yet to see one in real-life so I have to say that I’m talking based on assumptions that may not hold true and are based on the discussions here on the forum and Waytools’ description of the device

Zed, thanks for the input. Great information and I went and looked at the kickstarter. I would think that once these lockdowns are done TREGGERS should really try to have a mechanism (for friendlies) to have TextBlade meetups in cities where TREGGERS live if they are willing to allow non TREGGERS to see and possibly interact with a real life TB before the release.

I know there have been some bad interactions unfortunately with angry purchasers who have yet to receive the GR TB. For those who could graciously interact I would be more that happy to meet with any Boise Idaho area people and sit down for 4-5 hours and allow interaction with the TB in a neutral public location.


Me too. Already met with a couple of people. But anyone that can ever get to Hawaii (Honolulu area), I’ll be glad to meet up.

I (as pretty much everyone, I suspect) did signal myself available for TREG with a QWERTY layout to be used mainly on a pt-PT layout mapping but I never did get to hear back.

Currently I use a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic but I’m thinking I want to go smaller and with the same kind of functionality as the textblade, as the CMK firmware provides a lot of freedom. As a programmer, I think I would enjoy the possibilities of setting my own macros and stuff like that, though I’m not really looking forward to time I know I’m going to spend customising it to my liking.

Would I rather have the textblade? You bet! But I have just started to plan the acquisition of one of those things a couple weeks back. Not entirely sure if I’m keeping my textblade order yet.
I plan on keeping it but if this quest to build a keyboard starts to get too expensive I just might have to cancel and divert funds.

Personally, I don’t think having those meetups would be beneficial. Sure, I’d like to play around with a textblade but it might just add to the frustration of knowing there are units out there in the world that work even if the firmware is not up to par with what Waytools feels it should be.

@zed_blade, I hear and validate your frustration. I can easily see how it would be like being invited to the King’s table to snack on an amazing feast but then sent back to the servant’s table to continue to eat moldy bread and cheese. You then know the tastes of the better table never knowing if you would ever be able to sit regularly and enjoy it.

I too wish it would get to GR. Even as a TREG participant I would prefer GR and having more people around me to discuss the TB since my friends have all but given up on the day they could purchase one. I am an anomaly that runs them the wrong way having a TB in the wild.