TextBlade caused Acer to throttle 😂

So I’m getting tired of macOS, and trying to switch to Windows now that WSL2 is available so I can run real Linux instead of a crippled Unix.

I borrowed a cheap Acer and was happy to find that it’s plenty fast for me. However, yesterday evening it started getting very slow. I thought it was the WSL2.

I monitored the CPU with the Intel Power Gadget and saw that the CPU frequency was very low and it showed “PROC HOT” on the package temperature. Could not figure it out.

I gave up, decided to go back to the Mac, and lifted my TextBlade from the keyboard and… it suddenly started blasting a lot of air!

Turns out that somehow, the magnets in the TB caused the laptop to think there was a temperature problem? Very odd.

Now I’m still using the TB on top of the CPU but I’m monitoring the situation, looks like it’s ok.

Just thought I’d share.

Does the Acer vent through the keyboard and perhaps your TextBlade was blocking air flow? Still seems really weird.

Or maybe the magnets affected the fans - probably not the motor itself, but maybe their RPM detection. You said it “started blasting a lot of air” meaning the fans were not running beforehand?

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In the macs there are actually a lot of magnets in the system to detect things like lids closing and other types of sensors. Though the most common isue with that is that the magnet makes the mac think the lid is closed and thus seems to ‘turn off’.

Also lot of temperature sensors are ‘heat’ based.

Old style rice cookers are based on this principle. Once water fully boils out, the temperature of the bowl rises, which ‘demagnetizes’ a clamp which springs up and turns off the main heating element

Entirely possible the magnet is screwing with some sensors of some kind making the laptop ‘think’ something is happening causing the fans to spin down, which is causing the laptop to overheat. Maybe the magenets are powerful enough to prevent the interal fans from spinning at all. Which woudl cause the CPU to underclock to prevent overheating. That would be odd on a Mac, given their fans are at the back of the unit not the front where the trackpads are. Its ‘possible’ on a mac the magents make the mac think the lid is closed, which underclocks the CPU, then when you remove it, it begins to spin up to normal CPU usage which causes the fans to spin.


Right, it’s hard to tell really - I think that indeed the TB interfered with the fans, maybe I pushed it too high? The fans weren’t running until I removed the TB, and this stopped the throttling.

I haven’t encountered this situation any more.

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Wow. Those are some crazy strong magnets on the TextBlade!

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N52 grade magnets. Pretty much the strongest.

However, it’s a dc b field. No induction cooking is going on here.


I wiped several hotel room cards with it :wink: but I still take it everywhere with me - it’s been sailing, skiing, rollerskating, …

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