TextBlade App Authentication Emails Restored

Hi All,

Prompted by issues with the SendGrid services connection, the authentication emails for installing the TextBlade app were getting stuck, and not arriving at users inboxes.

This is now fixed, so you should be able to install the app on your new iPads and iPhones again now.

Please give it a try and post here with your findings.

This was a bit of a Gordian knot to untangle, but the authentication part of the email forwarding service is now working properly.

There are other automated email services that serve other kinds of confirmations, which would take some more work, but we’ll look into them separately.

All of this server plumbing is getting replaced by the newer platform, so these issues should become moot once the modernized system is switched on.

We made today’s fix just to help out folks who got a new iOS device and wanted to install the app right now.

Thanks All


Tested and working! Thanks @waytools!!


I have also received your recent updates, BUT as you may remember, I left my wonderful Tregger text blade in a plane during a trip to Spain about 4 years ago. Now that we have the exciting news that your team is making progress, is there any chance you can also include me in the next Textblade Tregger shipment?

Thanks…now that I have reached retirement, I will have loads of time to fulfil my Tregger responsibilities.

Tswarek - we know you’d like to get a second set after your first treg set was lost.

The firmware validation will be completed with our current treg users, and then we’ll go to general release where supply is plentiful, and you can get another one at that time. Thanks for your interest and encouragement of our work, and hope you’ll have many years of pleasurable writing while you enjoy retirement leisure.

My iPhone version got the link and is back working. Thanks


My iPhone TextBlade App is working just fine.


Likewise, I’ve been able to get the app to authenticate on my new iPad now. I want to have a quick poke around with doing some map-tweaking & flashing my blade with the changes to confirm that it’s definitely all working, but things are looking up :slight_smile:

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And as a further update, I just made an alteration that I had been meaning to do to my keymap and programmed the blade successfully. Hurrah.
As a professional developer who uses the textblade all day for work and so needs easy access to all sorts of shortcut combos and stuff, it does really emphasise how important it is to have access to the multimap functionality in the app.



What tools do you use? Give some examples of your crazy keystroke combos …

I use IntelliJ IDEA quite a bit on Mac OS …

I’m mostly a .Net developer, so Visual Studio & Windows are my bread & butter. I’m also on a UK layout, and European keyboards have 2 different Alt keys, Alt and AltGr. So if you wanna do a keypress that’s on any of the same keys as the left-hand Alt key it all gets a bit tricky. In Visual Studio Code, the combo to go back to the previous location is Alt + Left Arrow, so that’s particularly tricky as you also need the edit layer chord.
To be honest, I’m not as good at learning the keycombos as I need to be. But often I find that I just need to use a particular tool quite intensively for a short time, so try to use the combos for whatever task I’m doing, then forget all about it :wink:

Being a monoculture :rofl:, we don’t use AltGr in the states … but I often do need some ridiculous combination of Shift, Control, Alt, Command (or the Windows key) plus arrow/page-up/page-down/home/end/Fn-key. Less common are the modifiers plus a letter or number, but I still need it (Shift-Command-8 in IDEA, for example.)

I solved this on KeyMouse with two layers (left hand vs right hand) that put the four modifiers on home row, and left the other half of the keyboard normal. I haven’t gotten a good solution on TextBlade, yet.

Cameron, if you’ve got available slots in your Function or any other convenient layer, you could map CMD Shift 8 directly.
If you don’t use it that often to bother mapping it, it’s kind of two ‘moves’ on TextBlade.

  1. Press and hold Command (CV), Shift and Green (space bar) on the left hand
  2. 8 on the right hand
    Edit: previously showed instructions for Command Shift F18

Edit lock is your friend here :slight_smile:

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This is sort of what I use the emoji layer for - set up key combinations that I need to be easy (especially one handed).