Taraaaaaa for the celebration

I had a small celebration this year. Is is my first lustrum buying the Textblade. I have never waited so long for a device that is probably never going to come. I am 68 and as a lot my friends are dying and I am not sure about my own chances of surviving, I had an extra text made up for my testament. Ofcourse my textblade will arive shortly after my passing away and I ask my family and relatives to put in my coffin, as I can hardly move a keyboard is to big and using the Textblade will be terrific when I want to write a letter from the after life. I will try to send a message to this forum, to let you know how enthousiastic a dead man can be!


Congratulations on surviving thus far and I hope that you can continue to survive long beyond receiving your textblade, I hope that you won’t need to wait for a second lustrum :stuck_out_tongue:
However, failing that, I do have some concerns about the OTA updates through the coffin (and presumably earth). Also, will your coffin have a USB charging port?

I’d suggest these as well, since they can fit in there and give you a nice big screen and good audio: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cinera/cinera-edge-a-5k-oled-hmd-with-dolby-digital-51-headphone/