Switching between TextBlade and Kinesis Advantage 2

General Release

There are times when I am working on my laptop and I get really thirsty. I also love freshly made smoothies. Do you think you could add a blender accessory to TextBlade? I’m sure everyone would be willing to have you slide GR to the right a little further in order to put the infrastructure in place.

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No. :blush:

I could use the Hurricane Deterent version right about now!

But will the TextBlade be sharp enough to cut through this tin can, and still slice through this tomato?

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But of course!


:+1:t3:Now there’s a Ginsu knife!

Press the jk key if you’re on a Macro diet

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A little concerned that the keys on the left blade have the printing so worn. How long has it been out in the field and what kind of utilization has it been seeing?

Looks like the lighting angle may be what you’re seeing.

Notice that the right blade looks very different.

Maybe awh_tokyo could post a straight-on view with bright lighting to see actual wear.

That said, TREG users reported ink wear in heavy use, and we have since done several test batches with stronger and multi coated inks that show about 5-10X longer life. We’ll be using those for GR.


Yeah, lighting makes a big difference. But the thing that matters most is that whatever is seen now, won’t be the same when you start using the new painting system.

The old system, which is what treggers have, does wear. Well, I guess really any system will wear. But one thing I like about the TB, even when the key images wear off and are harder to see, is that is so much easier to find the keys you want without looking. I and others have mentioned how when using numbers or top row symbols on traditional keyboards, we didn’t touch type those because they were still so much harder to hit accurately by feel if you didn’t really work at it. With the TB, that isn’t an issue. As a result, I can touch type much better. I only have issues now if needing to use a character I normally almost never use - like curly brackets.

It’s definitely the lighting angle. All of the silver printing is shiny new, but I do have a bit of wear on the green layer as others have reported – *, (, #, and $. Definitely related to how I rest my fingers while typing.

Personally I love products that show their wear after a while. If I see a banged-up laptop, I know it’s been to battle with its owner and isn’t a “desk queen”. That said, I think 5-10x life would probably be a bit more appropriate. Can’t have them wear too early; it’d be like getting pre-ripped jeans!


The lighting isn’t ideal here either, but here’s a picture of it from straight-on.


Jimmysstewart - that photo and post explain it well. Thanks awh_tokyo.

Might be handy for Mac desktop users who need to use the Option or Command-R during startup; the Dongle doesn’t quite link to the TextBlade in time to send those startup key sequences in time.

Or of course Apple could add BLE keyboard support on startup, and distribute that for my 2012 Mac mini.

I may be wrong, but I think I have used the dongle to do stuff during startup. But I can’t use the bluetooth pairings. I’ll try to remember to check later.

I’ve tried using the dongle slot several times but no luck on those boot options. Maybe I didn’t do it before - or maybe the timing is tricky and I didn’t get it right.

Thanks for trying! Yeah, I thought it was my Mac mini, but my work Mac mini also doesn’t respond to, say, Cmd-R. I had to use a nearby PC keyboard.

I believe Apple have addressed the use of BLE keyboards during startup as a result of WayTools testing either in an existing OS update or in the betas for an upcoming update, I don’t quite remember which.

That being said, this may or may not help with your 2012 Mac mini, depending on what software version it is in and what the last version your Mac mini can support.

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It was addressed. Then subsequent updates knocked it out again. Haven’t tried recently to see if it works again (MBP 2017)

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