Support for multidevice

With working with multiple devices now a norm - eg, Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone - it would be fantastic to have one keyboard to use on all devices.

Can TextBlade include the ability to Bluetooth pair to multiple devices and have the ability to switch between them on the fly (without having to pair each time), much like Logitech’s K480 multidevice keyboard.


Yep, that’s what many of us do these days.

TextBlade gets firmware updates over-the-air, so we plan on equipping it with several additional features. MultiDevice is already high on our list, but we have a new implementation in mind that should make it a better experience. We expect MultiDevice to be released shortly after TextBlade first ships.


Hello Ronny,

Any news on the switchable MultiDevice feature front?

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Yep, we’ve been coding this, and already have the UI firmware done and running. Remaining work is in the BlueTooth plumbing.

This means we should have MutiMachine online soon after we release the hardware.

When you see how it works, it’s way cool. Much faster and simpler than legacy methods.


Jumps is in, now.