Strange top of order page

I just noticed that the top of my order page says $216 after my order number, but down towards the bottom, with the list of items ordered, the Total is $108. It could have been like this for quite some time, but I just noticed it. So, either I was billed another $108 sometime in the past and have two on order (but the list below doesn’t reflect that), or the top of the page is showing double for some reason. Anyone else seeing this, or is it just me. Maybe it means the extra that is being offered to early orderers is an extra TextBlade? (yeah, I know, not likely).

And just to re-iterate, I would like to be part of the TREG group.

Hi Straus - please email us a screenshot of your order page so we can follow up to help you. It’s wise to keep your order number private, so you can email us rather posting the page publicly here.