Still looking for the mailman

Hello Waytools still waiting what I paid for…


Wait a minute. You are on the Treg list. Do you or do you not have a TextBlade to test?

And if you do, what keyboard layout do you use and with what OSes?

Technically he can be in the TREG list and be waiting for the TextBlade he/she paid for, since the TREG unit is supposedly a development/NDA bound/testing device.

Speaking of that @waytools any news? It could be nice to know, as you may guess.


All possible, but impossible to tell without him explaining further. Thus my question.


I don’t think he ever said he has a Textblade.

Correct. He made some statements that sounded a bit to me like he did, but rereading them, they could be taken a different way than I did so no problem.


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