Status Updates 29 June

Order server has been updated with contemporary info.

We’ve been focusing on intensive testing of the release candidate first batch of TextBlades, ergo no forum posts while we’ve been evaluating candidate readiness for release.

Making tweaks based on test data, and if testing looks good next friday we plan to release a first QA’d batch.

Getting stoked, and appreciate the patience while we get to the finish line.


Next Friday meaning this upcoming Friday, or the one after?

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JTrilogy - next Friday. (This Friday is Independence Day holiday.)

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Any possibility that you could paraphrase things like “testing of the release candidate first batch of TextBlades” or “evaluating candidate readiness for release”? You don’t need to elaborate, but the language is a tad obscure.

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Thank you for a far more factual and useful post! Could you clarify how many units will be in the first batch? People have asked.

Also, can you give use a little teaser on what the ‘surprise’ for the early adopters is?

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Also, if any of us choose to get a refund short term, how long do we have to change our minds?

You can say it: 10 July. Don’t be shy.

Thank you for the update @waytools. No more mention of the blog post that has been awaited for several weeks now. Are you still working on it? When will it be published? I’m really eager to read more about your work on the TextBlade since your last production update published in May. :smiley:

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Lcjlls - re blog post -

Yes, much work into that for our friends who love the technical details. We’ll post it soon.

As you can imagine, a bit of a frenetic firefight daily while we work checklist details that could hold up release. Few clear blocks of time right now for publishing, but interleaving as we can. Few posts now too.

Apologized for not publishing when planned, and learned to not promise goal date until it’s up. Hope you enjoy the read when up. Quite an odyssey.


Go @waytools! Imagine us cheering you on along the road like in an uphill bicycle race. Almost there! :checkered_flag:



I think a slow clap is in order.

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@waytools I think I need a Babel Fish… but I’m grateful that there’s progress!

Thanks for the update, @waytools - can’t wait for my TB to arrive.

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Thank you. Genuinely excited about the prospect of receiving. This post is the first to make me consider that it will be weeks rather than months to wait now.


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