Standardized custom layouts

There have been various tweeks people have made to suit their own needs or habits. Like some who change the Enter key to require another key like shift or space to do it’s thing. This way they avoid the problem of hitting it by accident.

But my thing here is about finding out if there are, at least generally, some customized ideas for certain needs. A prime example would be for gaming. I could easily see a benefit to having a layout designed to handle the needs of a typical game. Trouble is, while I like games, I don’t play enough different ones to have a good idea of what the basic needs would be. But even if some games need some specific tweaking, surely same basic things could be set up and then copied with the little adjustments for particular games.

Typical RPG is going to need movement keys for forward, back, etc. Maybe a standard item would be a key for moving forward, but press space and the same key (green layer) and you go faster.

Maybe some others here who do a lot of games can help create some basic game layouts? Or layouts for any other specific purpose. I know WT said the next version is expected to add some stuff to the number lock mode to make it work extra well with spreadsheets for example.

I think what might be a cooler idea is to integrate a keyboard sharing system. Like I know you’re a big Dvorak fan. Maybe some other Dvorak user would like to know what your special setup is. Or maybe someone is a coder and would like to see if anyone has a ‘coder’ specific keyboard map. I think if there was an easy way to share these customizations between users would be very useful.

I believe there is a community sharing feature listed as coming soon in the app.

Clearly I’d rather a release first, but I thought that sounded really cool.

As cental mentioned, that’s coming. But right now we are still at a stage where few people have the devices so it would be a good time to get some sense of common ground on layout ideas.

We’ll all have little things we may change but, using dvorak as an example, we aren’t going to be making big changes in the basic layout. It wouldn’t be dvorak anymore if we did. It would just be little changes.

The things I’m talking about are wholesale changes to be used, for example, to cover the basics of many first person shooter type games. Get some general consensus on things common to all (typically basic movement) and then things unique to particular games can be inserted by the individual player around those basic keys.

I’d do it myself, but I don’t play enough games even of one type to have a good feel for what would be best. Crowd sourced ideas could provide good insights. I seem to recall the WADS key as fairly standard, at least years ago, for basic movement. Doesn’t work well for dvorak where the letters would be ,AEO

But I could make a customized keyboard for this. Then add a modifier key to them for running in those directions so the basic movement keys stay exactly the same, etc.

I think it would also be great if we could see/upload/download the key layouts on a PC website. For someone with significant customizations to do, that might me more comfortable than using the iPhone app.

This is my lap desk (former plexiglas sign) into which I’ve inserted a “sign” containing layout info along with some other information.

Top Left is the regular dvorak layout as well as the shift version of each. On the far left middle key in small print is where I customized to add a battery check and, with shift key, a restart of the TB.

Top right is the same layout using the space bar (for green layer) as well as the shifted green layer.

Bottom Left is the number lock layer and everything on the left blade is what I customized to handle media controls. Lt means lighten screen, dk is make it darker. V’s reder to volume. On the number side, the other characters are for when you press shift too. I wish I could alter these somewhat.

Bottom right is edit lock. Various abreviations like <wd wmich means move by word to the left.

Other text outside the grids are reminders of various things. I need to update some of this - removing things I’ve memorized and adding things as I first discover them.

Behind the sheet is my steel plate so the TB sticks quite well and I have ready access to where things are, though sometimes I have to slide the TB up or down to read it. But this doesn’t happen often.

Oh, right below the bottom grids, in the center, you will see something. It is simply a piece of scotch tape which reminds me of the best angle for me to set the TB. For some reason, I need it tilted down on the right side to minimize errors.

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I’m assuming you need to do this quite often if you’ve added it to your customized layout. What causes you to need to restart the TB and how frequently does it happen?

No, it is rarely an issue. I don’t recall the last time I wished I had that command. We just had these three commands we could add so I put them all into one unused key. I doubt I’ll keep more than two and may not even use that key.

As for what can need a restart, there was one time where it seemed to get confused over the key map. A restart by shutting it off (separating the blades) corrected it.

Ok that’s reassuring. Thanks.

I used to restart mine often so I could get the battery reading. It was easy to restart – just pull the blades down until it turns off, then let them go. Now they’ve added a “battery reading” button so it’s not as important.