Stand works with Apple Smart Battery Case?

Does the large size stand work with the Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s?

I doubt it. Since the large case is likely to accomadate tablets which are not much thicker then phones.

I suppose if the stand might be able to accommodate the thinner portions of the case, that is, the non-humped portion? I imagine that the stand doesn’t need to be centered to hold up the phone when it’s in horizontal orientation??

I don’t know for sure, but why not just get one of each size stand,then you have a variety of sizes covered?

There are only two sizes for the Nanostand that I’m aware of and the Apple Smart Battery Case is not going to fit the smaller of the two. I know the larger of the two will fit an iPhone 6 with a bumper case, but will that larger one fit over the thinner sections of the Apple Smart Battery Case; I wonder.

I have ordered both sizes, a few reasons for this.

  1. As RominRonin said, cover the possibilities.

  2. Likely want to use with 2 or more devices of different thicknesses

  3. The least used size becomes a candidate for being chopped to fit the secondary device (or primary when in/out of case.

  4. Second one stows on the device taking very little extra space and making a more complete protective case

  5. Only $7.

In fact WayTools really should be providing preorder customers with both as a goodwill gesture since it eliminates the chance of frustration from selecting the wrong option and the cost to them is only x% of not much.

I agree with you on that count!

That is why I ordered two stands, but I ordered 2 XL because it sounded like the smaller one would only fit an iPhone without a case.

I made a wooden holster for my iPhone Plus and I think the TextBlade will fit nicely on the backside of it (under the leather loop). I had originally thought of adding a pocket to slide it into – WayTools was nice enough to provide a 3D model that can be used for measurements. Today I realized that I should be able to drill a couple of holes in one of the stands and leave it permanently affixed to the holster and just slide the TextBlade into it when not in use. Depending on how firmly it locks into the stand, I may have to add something to keep it from coming out.

Nice. Do you have an open-carry permit for that? :wink:

I do. I pay AT&T every month for the privilege.

Wow that’s really nice… wish i was as handy as you are!

@waytools or @support, would you be able to comment whether the XL Stand works with the iPhone Smart Battery Case, particularly around the thinner non-hump portion of the case?


Will buy one and test that for you all.

Note that it’s not just thickness, but also the change to the center of gravity that affects how it stands.

Please do test; thank you! Or, you could go to an Apple Store (if one is near you) and simply test it that way?

8-minute walk –

You’re just trying to trick them into getting a stand out in public!

Who’s going to stake out the Apple Store now?

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Ok, sent staff to the Apple store and got two cases, here’s the data -

Standard Apple silicone case: 9.5 mm thick

Smart Battery Case from Apple: 11.5 mm thick (at thinnest flange). Wow!

So even the flange area is way too thick to fit in the NanoStand XL without modification.

The Center of Gravity was not an issue for the 6s and smart case though.

So if you want to use the battery case in the NanoStand, you’ll need to trim off a couple of mm of polycarbonate at the NanoStand’s contact points.

BTW - we have a lot of different iPhones here. Looking at the smart case, which is only available for the 6, that combination seemed to us to be more bulky overall than the 6plus. The backpack + thick case sort of kills the compactness that we think is so nice about the smaller 6.

And the 6 plus already has almost twice the battery, built-in.

So for the same 99 bucks extra, you get both a big battery and big screen if you trade up to the 6 plus. Just another way to look at it.


Well that bums me out a bit as I am using an otter box commuter case on my 6s… I would suspect that won’t fit at all in the XL stand… not a big worry though, ill do what i need to make it work…

Thanks for the testing! I may either consider getting the regular NanoStand, or get both the regular and XL NanoStand. Since the Smart Battery Case is supposedly easy to take on and off from the iPhone 6, I imagine I should be able to easily slip the case off and put the iPhone on the regular stand when using the TextBlade.

My understanding is that the Smart Battery Case was designed not so much to be semi-permanently attached to the iPhone (like most extra battery packs are), but more as an auxiliary unit to put on when desired.

(I’m glad there’s a 14-day return policy for Apple products. My Smart Battery case arrives today and I get to see if it works with the way I use and carry my iPhone 6.)

Nice try :wink:

Guess it won’t be me staking out (never intended to); I don’t live anywhere near California!