Stand for iPad Pro

iPad Pro is coming soon… and I think I’ll get the text blade after iPad Pro…
What I’m thinking is whether the Nanostand will work with iPad Pro or not.
Hopefully Waytools has an idea for this.

Don’t give WayTools any a single reason to delay the product any further! I’d hate to see a forum post or blog post with WT saying something to the effect of:

“Based on incredible user response to and our own excitement for the iPad Pro, we have decided to create a Nanostand XXL. Unfortunately, we will have to delay shipment of TextBlades while we make minor changes to the TextBlade assembly structure to accommodate the new shape of the XXL. The order webpage has been updated to reflect the change in shipping times. Customers that don’t want to wait any more can always cancel their orders from the Service tab. Those who decide to wait just a little bit longer can be assured that their TextBlades will be future-proof against any announced (if not shipping) iOS devices.”

Joking aside, my second thought is that the iPad Pro is too big and heavy for the Nanostand XL; it would tip over.


Probably the same problem as you’d have with an iPad Air 2 using in portrait.
The CG (center of gravity) is just to high so it’d tip over as you tap the screen.

jorno keyboard has a very functional stand, including iPad in portrait. Keyboard has some design limitations but it’s one of smaller designs currently available.

My favorite is still the think outside folding bluetooth keyboard, but like WayTools, the stand can’t handle iPad in portrait. Stands need to be designed to hold devices in 90% of cases out there. If not, they’re leaving money (available market) on the table.