SSL issues on the forum right now?

I can’t access the forum in Google Chrome at the moment, as it comes up with the “Insecure SSL” warning, with no option to ignore and continue anyway.

You cannot visit right now because the website uses HSTS. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later.

Is this a known issue?

All - FYI - Site SSL certificate went through its annual renewal today, and that should propagate to all related sub-areas by mid-day tomorrow.

The message you saw while accessing the forum is an artifact of the migration process. Thanks for the report, we’ll follow up to make sure it completes ok. Please let us know if the forum SSL responds normally again on Wednesday night. Thanks.


D11wtq - we’ve checked chrome form our end and all looks ok. It may be that the old SSL certificate was in some caches between you and the server during the transition. Clearing your local caches may speed this up. Let us know if it’s looking ok for you now. Thanks.

How odd. I’m still getting issues in Google Chrome, but all is ok in Safari. I’ve tried clearing my cache and even restarting Google Chrome.

Will try again tomorrow and in the meantime just use Safari.

Did you view the certificate? Is it for WayTools or some data collecting site for Google?

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Was just about to do that, but it’s all working fine this morning (I’m in Australia) for me :slight_smile: :shrug: