SSL certificate update

You would think that, it having happened multiple times in the past, there would have been some sort of scheduled alarm set up to renew it before it expires… Like it did earlier today.

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Oh, wait!

Too busy with writing random comments elsewhere, and not actually providing real updates (or releasing product) – I get it.

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Well, I’m not sure what actually happened. Using my iPhone originally when I saw it, safari couldn’t access the server. And on their main page I kept getting a popup message that said I neede iOS 8 or later - which, of course, I did.

Then the forum started working fine, but not the main page.

Back home, everything seems to be working, but then double checked the iPhone on the main page in it doesn’t. So maybe not a certificate issue. Or maybe more than one issue. No idea.

Inspect the current certificate. It was issued today. If you looked earlier today, when the site was not working it was due to an expired certificate.

FYI - SSL certificate expired last night, and a new one was issued today, that’s why the browser error message briefly appeared.

We use amazon elastic cloud servers, and last year we switched to the aws automatical renewal certs. Those all work well, and are pretty seamless.

However, even though this forum is also served by amazon, the forum application software has a bit of a quirky requirement for a manually installed cert.

So the auto-renewal facility of amazon can’t accommodate It automatically, and our team has to do it manually. They took care of that today, so back in action this afternoon.

We have to use an external cert provider (godaddy) due to the discourse forum app incompatibility with the amazon built-in certs. Before using godaddy again, we did some checking to see if there was a better option to reduce manual tasks, but godaddy ended up still being the simplest way to go.

SSL biz model is a bit of a racket, since in reality anyone create a cert themselves, it’s just a specified convention for how to do it. But because there’s a few more manual steps, we ended just buying it from go-daddy again. Would like to get off that train for the next renewal, so we can control it to make it more automatic, but paid for the expedience today.

BTW, the forum was still accessible the whole time the cert was being updated, since the amazon server was operating the whole time.

You’d just have to click past the browser trust dialog box, and then it connected. At issue is that a lot of browsers don’t even show an ssl warning, they just just say a generic ‘unable to reach server’, even while the server and old cert are online. Ergo a bit of confusing messages while we did the manual Install.

All good now.

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Yep, my safari iPhone browser just said it wasn’t able to reach server.

However, not all is right yet. I just checked with my iPhone again and the main page still says I need iOS 8 or later. So something is screwed up.

Using it here on iOS14, so may just be a caching issue. Either in the cloud caches or in your browser local cache. You can clear it and restart the browser to see if that speeds it up.

I’ve restarted Safari twice without success. I’m kind of leery about clearing the cache as I assume that would remove some login stuff that I’d have to do all over again (if I remember them!)?

I also tried in two other browsers (Firefox and Aloha) and my iPhone. Had the same problem.

Still not working for me on my iPhone on iOS14 in Safari and Firefox, although Chrome blows straight through it all to the forum :man_shrugging:t4:

Safari on my Mac gave me an SSL warning but I had an option to visit the site anyway.

If you end up switching providers I highly recommend EasyDNS, for the reasons described here: FYI - Digicert SSL issues disrupting browser access

While I haven’t cleared anything on Safari on my iPhone, I did do that with both Firefox and the Aloha browser - still got the pop up about using iOS 8 or later.

However, on firefox, while on the main WT page, I chose the option to load the desktop version and that worked. But when I went back to the mobile version, it failed again.

Oh Aloha, it seems to operate differently. I can apparently set it to use desktop versions on everything or the mobile version, rather than selecting it on a specific active page. But in the case of that browser, it made no difference.

Still can’t view main page on iOS 14.1 safari.

Have restarted.

Same here - and I’ve restarted more than once. This is on Safari. With Firefox, it will load but only if I select the option to use the desktop version. On the Aloha browser, making that change doesn’t help (and I’ve cleared caches on both Firefox and Aloha).

I’ve also selected the desktop version in safari and it works. Switching back, it won’t work.