Speaking of Tesla

Tesla - Pretend to Save the Environment While Looking Rich

PT_Ken - A clever, irreverent and unabashed comic roasting.:joy:

What is rather amazing is how much free media is made about Tesla while they spend nothing on advertising.

Even the parodies sell their cars.

With the Model 3 starting around the same price as a Camry now, Tesla seems to have captured the mainstream consumer.

In California, Model 3 has now replaced the Honda Civic as the top selling car … at any price.

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5.11 million yen for the cheapest Tesla Model 3; 3.5 million for the cheapest Camry. We’re not quite there on this side of the ocean yet!

We’re not that different on this side of the pond… $38K vs $25K for base models here. Not double, but half again as much as the base Camry.

Taylor - lowest priced Model 3 is 35K - an off-menu option, that simply turns off some autopilot features.

You can add those SW features back at any time with an ota upgrade.

Hardware is identical to the 40K model, which is very well-equipped.

For Camry, base is 25K, but typically nicely-equipped it’s about 30K.

In CA, the state writes you a check for 2K for EV’s.

So in CA, the price is already pretty well a wash.


Until insurance gets factored in that’s the only thing keeping me from making the plunge. Tesla insurance ,at least what we were quoted, is 2-4x what a Camry is.

ephji -We’ actually switched to Tesla’s in-house insurance provider for our Tesla cars, which turned out to be a staggering 1/3 the cost of Mercury for the very same cars and drivers.

Even as the cost went down 66%, the liability limits were also far better, at $1 million instead of just $250K of coverage from Mercury.

Tesla insurance is all done online/phone, and took all of 3 minutes on a Sunday to switch coverage. They have all your vin and license info in their servers, so it’s basically sign and go.

Hands-down the better deal in CA, and they’re expanding to other states in coming months.

Legacy insurers recently tried to price gouge on Tesla premiums, so Tesla just said screw it, acquired an insurer, and offered a better product themselves.

If you think about it, this was an inevitable transition for Tesla, as we approach the autonomy era. They have to be the self-carrier to assume liability for their ai.

Tesla also uniquely has the required competencies to manage risk more efficiently, because of their proprietary telematics data for every car in their fleet.

Friends who bought Model 3’s also abruptly dumped their legacy insurers since the cost difference was so shocking.

Disruption on so many levels here - car, fuel, and even insurance.


That’s because they don’t make Mercury cars anymore! LOL!



BREAKING NEWS!!! WayTools awaiting purchase of insurance provider before general release of TextBlade.

Mark Knighton was overheard saying that the price of insurance for Repetitive Stress Syndrome for the TextBlade was astronomical and that the current insurers are trying to gouge TextBlade users and said screw it, I’ll buy my own insurer and offer a better product just like I’m doing with keyboards.

If you think about it, it was an inevitable transition for WayTools as we approach the better keyboard era.

TREG users who currently have a TextBlade are dumping their current insurers for the new WayTools coverage since the TextBlade was designed to improve RSS for its users.

Disruption of so many levels here - keyboard, portability, connectivity, and now, even insurance!




Eagerly waiting for both those insurance expansions to Delaware.

ephij - Good superchargers in Delaware already, Tesla insurance to come next.

See Battery Day announcement on 22 Sep, for info about important advances in battery tech and supply chain.

FYI - Model Y will start production in the new Austin gigafactory mid next year.

You could pick one up there, tour the factory (right on the riverbank), and have an awesome roadtrip vacation driving your new wheels to DE.