Space Saver Keyboard

LOL. Live project now. The language is just funny when you know about the TextBlade.

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Yeah, these things have always sounded very strange compared to a TB. Used to see a lot of this from the constant critics: “This will kill the TB market” when whatever it is is massively bigger, usually a mediocre typing feel, not inherently programmable, and maybe has 2-3 jumps only.

True, most of them were actually available (don’t know about the one you posted about, but none of these keyboards are going to kill the TB. That only comes down to whether it reaches GR or not, irregardless of other keyboards out there.

Geez, just the portability. I can carry a TB in my pocket and, usually, not even notice it is there. Can’t do that with even the second smallest keyboard I’ve seen!

Looks like an RGB version of the Happy Hacking Keyboard. Nothing special…

I didn’t know the Happy Hacking Keyboard was well-known outside Japan. I was a test user back in 1996.

It was very well known in the US by Linux users and Linux developers.