Shipping status date

My order “service” page list today’s date, which in theory means that my TextBlade is going to arrive today. Of course, that was also the case in 2017, 2016, and (plus a month or two) in 2015.

So the question in my mind is - since these units actually exist (video’s, write-ups, reviews), what on earth has been limiting production volumes to this degree? It’s been several generations of all of the devices that I’d (theoretically) like to use the TextBlade with and they’ve not made it out of very limited testing. You’d think they’d either ship or shut down…

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This has actually been covered many times, though we’d all like more detail on it. But, short version is pretty well summed up by:

The TB uses a new approach to keyboards. MultiTouch keycaps that can sense where you’re fingers hit, how hard, etc. With multiple characters on each keycap (3-6 main characters), it is really very complicated for the firmware to get it correct. And then there are the use of magnets to determine much of the key feel, processing to judge the environment many times a second (I think) because that affects lots of other things. Complications with BT-LE which apparently is trickier than the older BT. Etc.

But the fact is, new technology is far more likely to have unexpected problems than creating something “new” but which actually is just a variation within old tech.

So, yep, everyone gets frustrated with the many delays. It sure seems like it is “too” many, but that’s the way it is.

I suspect many companies would have shut down by now. But WT has said it is doing it’s own funding and so I guess they have some deep pockets. Good thing because the TB really is a nice device.

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I ordered my TextBlade the second day, waited until earlier this year when I became a Tregger. My summation: IT IS WORTH THE WAIT.


My order has been in the queue since 2014. I was originally expecting the order by Spring of 2015. I’ve waited patiently. My order info is now unavailable on the website. What is up?

There appears to be a new website update

Jimvas - appreciate that early-bird enthusiasm, but actually TextBlade wasn’t even announced until 2015.

We know, we know, you’re anxious to get yours :blush:, so it might feel so much longer, but it really wasn’t. It won’t be too long before you’re typing on yours.

Thanks for the encouragement while we do what you need, and hope you enjoy yours as much as folks already using it.

You are right. I ordered on 1/13/15. Where can I get the status of my order? I’m certain that being a bit impatient after waiting over three years (closing in on four) for a product to be delivered is not out of place.

Totally reasonable, and thank you for your keen interest.

Please email us at, and we’ll locate your order and re-send your confirmation with a link to your status page.

Btw - here’s another thing that took some time, but has turned out pretty spectacular -

That’s a Falcon 9 rocket above Santa Monica tonight, on a clear, dark, starry sky.

First photo shows the upper stage at the left, and the booster turning around on the right. The vapor cloud was illuminated by the fiery plumes of both engines, and a huge halo lit up the sky over Santa Monica bay.

Dramatically, the booster returned to the earth back at Vandenberg Air Force base, just north of Santa Barbara.

It made a perfect landing on solid ground, (not on a drone ship at sea), for the first time ever on the west coast.

You could see a huge red stream of fiery methalox light up as the booster decelerated, and then stuck it right on the concrete pad where a giant X marked the spot.

The last photo shows the upper stage 100 miles up, silently, gracefully, headed toward the stars.

Hard to convey in words, but standing on the sand this evening, everyone had a palpable sense of excitement. You could sort of feel the dawn right before you. A new era of space travel is beginning, for perhaps any of us.


Space, the final frontier.

With 100 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, and 200 billion to 2 trillion galaxies, there’s no doubt we are a “minor bipedal species” in some “backwater of the universe.”

But that’s okay. If we work on ourselves and give the same opportunity to all other living beings, we’ll evolve.

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Interesting that you can manage (again and again!) to write relatively lengthy posts about … almost any topics. But the “update coming next week” is still missing after months.

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Hey @waytools, thank you in advance for reading this.

Sitting at a diner again this afternoon, thinking about the falling leaves, the impermanence of life and the hundreds of ideas for stories, scripts and poems my thumbs don’t have the fortitude to produce.

I know you all are tired of being harassed by your haggard fan base, so this isn’t one of those deeply antagonistic–nor hollow and placating–types of posts.

This is just a factual reminder that for many of us, what you’ve already produced is and would have been enough. That the form factor alone would have offset most glitches and early adopter errors. That just communicating and keeping people updated in a consistent way can make all the difference in the world when results aren’t coming as quickly as everyone would wish. That genuine ongoing progress is often overshadowed when shipping estimates are repeatedly inaccurate over multiple years.

Most of us understand what’s happened up till now; now we want to know what is different this go around?

What should tell us that it will be shipped this season instead of next?

Or next year.

Where is your actual timeline? What information do you still need to have a fair and reasonable and definitive end date for shipping units to the rest of us?

Are these not fair things to ask?

Thanks so much, really appreciate all your efforts, seriously anticipating this little wonder, as always

All the best,


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I am not implying that you are insane, but I have seen the same post in various guises on the forum repeatedly. However much you wish to receive an accurate timeline for general release, however valid your logic, we are not going to receive said information.
Nobody on the forums with the possible exception of Waytools knows the real timeline, my guess is 2019 / 2020. It certainly should be within the decade 202x assuming delivery actually happens.

So I suggest to one and all (at least the majority being outside of TREG) to take any frustration with waiting and put it to something positive. If you think about the missed opportunities, it will only lead to the dark side. Personally I have written books, had exhibitions, changed jobs, moved countries, made new friends and sadly lost old ones.

When someone shows me their portable keyboard (as happened today), I smile and tell them that it looks good. I no longer mention the textblade. I would feel foolish to tell them that I ordered a portable keyboard a few years ago and expect it will arrive some day.
On the keyboard front, I have learned and become quite proficient in a new layout (Colemak) as well as made my own mechanical keyboard (dactyl) which I have been using for over a year now. If I had not ordered the textblade and been waiting so long then I would likely never have done either of these two things which now benefit me daily.
I hope that you can channel your understandable frustration into something positive too.


My hope is that it will at least ship before Christmas. Not much to base that on since this isn’t the first hope for that to happen. I just figure if they are close at all, there would be a little extra motivation to beat that date. And, of course, I know it is better now than it was a year or two ago.

But we have the big unknown with the firmware fork. How extensive it is would matter a lot. I figure the minimum has to deal with the changes in data structure they’ve referred to. If that was all, maybe it wouldn’t add much in the way of new bugs to solve (or maybe it would).

But on the other extreme, what if it was a complete rewrite of the code to make it faster and more efficient? That could certainly involve a lot of work with debugging. Not like when first developing the firmware, but certainly more than just dealing with data structures.

Which is why I hope we get a detailed update VERY soon so I have something to go on.

For me, the TB is already way faster than I can type, so I don’t personally see any need for faster or more efficient.

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More efficient would free up space for the future changes. Faster may have impacts we don’t realize until we see it. Just have to see what they tell us.

Sometimes speed ups (or memory efficiencies) don’t require changes throughout the entire codebase but only in a tiny number of core routines.

Imagine if you were God writing the code to run our universe. You might first write some small simple subroutines for the tiniest subatomic particles such as quarks. Then you would create more complex subroutines for things like protons and neutrons but for everything they do they would call the quark subroutines since they are made up of quarks. Then you would compose subroutines for atoms which make use of the protons/neutrons routines which themselves make use of tye quark routines. Then you could work your way up the chain through molecules, compounds, planets, life, people, and even complex devices like a TextBlades. But deep down when your code says to do a simple action like “john kicks the ball” that single action is invoking your quark subroutine zillions and zillions of times.

Now that you’re happy with how your universe works, because John can kick the ball, and because there are TextBlades in your universe, you might decide to swap out that original sloppy quark subroutine with a more well written and efficient quark routine. All of the sudden with that one core change your entire universe runs better faster. And with luck, because it was an isolated change, you could focus most of your testing on that level and the levels just above it (particles and atoms and maybe molecules). If everything behaves properly at that level then maybe you can do more sparse testing at the overall universe level since if your molecules work properly you can assume your compounds and higher level constructs do too.

Of course nobody’s perfect and some glitches in the matrix might appear:

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Oh, I agree it may only require small changes to improve speed. But I was referring to any possible major rewrite leading to speed and efficiency. Efficiency wouldn’t be limited to speed benefits.

Currently the speed and efficiency of my textblade unit are both at zero percent. I would really like to get that percentage above zero before talking about going beyond a hundred.


Perfectly understandable. My impression is that the rewrite does multiple things, though if need an update to clarify it all! Some legitimately makes sense to do before shipping - that would be the stuff they have referred to that helps support help customers. Just making it faster would be a different matter. However, I expect s lot of this stuff overlaps so it isn’t like they would do one without the other. But, of course, I have no way of knowing the interrelationships.

I’ve said for a very long time that a big part of the delays may be related to customer support issues - I won’t repeat the specifics now. But if this involves a lot of rewriting anyway, it may just make sense to clean up the code in other ways at the same time.