Shift key for capitals

I am a self-taught typist, and for the most part, do pretty well, but I am not very “disciplined” in using the correct shift key to make capitals (for example, I will usually use my left pinky to press shift - even when doing a capital “A” for example.

Is this something that will work with the TextBlade, or am I going to have to learn the “real” way of using shift keys?

Many of our staff type this way too, using the left shift for everything. They’ve continued typing the same way on TextBlade.

Muscle memory is very powerful, and our goal with TextBlade was to leverage this fully, and make the typing experience very familiar to everyone.

TextBlade supports “forward shift”, which is a familiar feature for smartphone and tablet users. If you tap the shift key once, it will capitalize the next character you type (you can use whichever finger you are accustomed to for shifting).

This turns out to be a very fast way of getting shift. The world’s fastest typist, Sean Wrona, uses Caps Lock on a traditional keyboard instead of Shift (although he has the burden of hitting it a second time to turn it off). He found that fast sequential strikes allow him to perform better at speed than a concurent strike and hold.

More and more, our staff has been using forward shift for all capitals… not just the QAZ key.

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Would you be so kind and clarify your post a bit: when you say that TextBlade “supports” forward shift, do you mean that forward shift is simply another way to write uppercase letters, or is forward shift the only way to do it?

To put it another way: is it possible to write uppercase letters the usual way (press a letter key while holding shift)? If so, does that also work for Q, A and Z?

Oz - ok, actually a few questions in there:

Caps -

Supports traditional caps shift by holding either the left or right shift key along with the chosen letter.

Also supports iPhone-style caps shift by tapping either shift key before typing the next letter. This tap shift is what we mean with the term “forward shift”.

Supports caps lock by double-tapping either shift key.

When you want to capitalize say, QAZ, with same hand as the letter, you use the tap shift.

Typists find it’s actually faster and easier than the acrobatics to hold two fingers down together. TextBlade is smart like iPhone to auto release after the letter is struck, obviating a separate release step.

Foward delete - this form of backspace does forward delete. (very useful in editing). Hold the space bar down for the green layer and hit backspace key to get it. It saves a lot of cursoring.

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Thank you very much for your reply. Can’t wait until mine’s delivered!

@waytools : You support forward shift, but what about forward green layer? (A quick tap in a certain spot on the spacebar, and then the next character hit is on green layer?)
I suppose it wouldn’t be as much of an advantage, since the spacebar is easier to hold down with a thumb than Shift+another character…still, curiosity. Maybe forward green as an option that people can try out and then turn off if they don’t like?

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