Robustness, how tough is this thing?

Coolio. I just added a nanostand XL to my order. Protects my textblade better, and I am compatible with more sizes in the field :smile:

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I meant, maybe we’ll get two stands as a gift instead of one :smile:


Johnsmith - fitting 2 stands has been on the NanoStand spec sheet from inception. What we didn’t discuss is how the two are designed to interlock to form a steel jacketed safety shell that encases and protects the entire TextBlade.

The steel / polycarbonate composite twin-case is really tough.

Im more counting on 2 TBs for 1, after all this trouble.

can we add to our original order using a different card without losing our place in the queue

One thing you cannot add without losing your place in the queue is additional Textblades. Accessories do not affect your place.

I made such a change as I added an extra XL stand. The way it actually works is that assuming the order amount changes you get a refund of the original charge followed by a new charge for the new amount. If the order amount does not change (e.g. changing stand, or keyboard layout) then the change is simply recorded.

Itimpi - well said.

Unless I missed something, the focus of the question was whether or not a different card could be used to add to the order. Given that a complete refund is issued, followed by a brand new charge of the total amount is taken, I guess the answer it ‘no’. Can @waytools please confirm for @davidcsie ?


The answer is YES as that is what I did. You are refunded the original amount against the card it was charged against and then asked for the card details for the new charge.

I guess I did not make this absolutely clear although it was implied :frowning:

And what happens if the original card account is closed because someone stole the card number and made fraudulent charges against the account? How do they make a refund to the now-closed account?

The bank still has the original account records, as well as an internal notification linking the new account for this kind of activity. They will simply post the refund to the current account.

Tom and Jeani - probably should put this into a diff topic, but here’s how it works -

For recent transactions, it just voids it, which credits the original card. No entry needed.

If cards may have changed, you get a link to specify any card you want. You enter the new card, and it sends it there.

That handles all the cases of expired cards, closed accts, etc.