Remote bricking capability? Really? I wish it didn't have that feature

Continuing the discussion from WT, would you please clarify?:

Joke alert: maybe that’s why they have been delayed. They were perfecting the remote bricking feature. All those TextBlades you saw with the twins? Inoperable!


it’s not a feature unless it only happens on purpose. :slight_smile:

I wonder if they really are twins, or just one woman Photoshopped while duplicating the TextBlades. :slight_smile:


The remote bricking and logging are ‘features’ that should have been presented from the get go…

But hey we’re safe, WT is on it - look how secure the TREG agreement was/is…


The main question - are these really needed for a keyboard? A $100 keyboard at that?

As was said before - honor and integrity…


Read NextEngine’s comments on eBay about used NextEngines and you’ll see they have a history of trying to restrain “first sale” resale rights after the fact.

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Hmmm - so I did not purchase the keyboard - I’m only renting it?

So I guess we are lessors then - guess that would make WT slumlords.

Then $100 was a subscription cost?

Speaking of undesirable features, knowing that the TextBlade iOS app has a keylogger in in certainly puts a new slant on the “just borrow a friend’s iPhone” excuse.

“Hey, let me borrow your phone to install an app from somebody you’ve never heard of to update my keyboard. Yeah, it does have a keylogger in it, but they promised they’d never use it without my permission”.


…and here we thought the TREGers had our backs by saying the agreement was not restrictive…

They had to agree not to reveal it, or get tossed out, and have their TextBlade bricked.

Is it remote bricking?

It sounded more like it would only work a limited period of time unless you checked in. That wouldn’t be the same thing as WT remotely bricking your device. And it is only temporary anyway, during TREG.

We also don’t know this had anything to do with delays. Could be, or not. They certainly have units being tested all along and thus would have reason to always have had this ability.

Key logger has to be turned on by the customer. The info it gathers has to be sent in by the customer. So, obviously, some are assuming WT will use it without telling anyone. News flash for you - the very same thing can be done with any such product. After all, they don’t even have to tell you it exists and you wouldn’t know.

Being that I have been waiting for a keyboard that’s been promised for a year, why did they spend any programming cycles to put a disabling intelligence into this? It’s supposed to be in mass production already, right? Why would that be needed?

First, why would you need this for a simple keyboard. It sends over what key you push to the device. And for you to need to “check in” with the app so it can then upload the information to them? Wow. When you are testing I sure hope you won’t be typing in any credit card information or your social security number…

And they told you that you need to turn it on for it to log, right? Just like it’s shipping next month…

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I thought you were supposed to be able to use it without the app?

That’s correct. But that would only apply to regular shipping models.

Presumably you are, as long as the timebomb hasn’t been set. If it is, you need to get the timebomb reset periodically to keep “your” device from bricking. TREG devices will have the poison pill in them until WT turns it off.

Interesting reading:

ScanStudio ProCare: If you are purchasing a second hand scanner from any other seller, you will need to purchase ScanStudio ProCare ($295) in order to transfer ownership and receive access to software downloads and support. When purchasing from this listing, you will receive an account automatically and will not be required to purchase ProCare…Please note that all resales by any other seller are as-is, with no warranty, no technical support, and no software updates. If you purchase a used system from another seller, NextEngine does charge for any and all service or updates required to make it work.

There you go - that is an accurate description. We don’t know that it is done remotely - it may all be internal to the app/firmware, which is how you post properly describes it now.

Oh, it COULD be remotely, maybe, but we sure don’t know that is the case.