Refund requested but no response

I’ve sent in a cancellation and refund order on the website.
The status changed to cancelled on website but no response nor communication from WayTools.

Have anyone gotten a response lately?
Have sent several reminders to response, but silence.

It’s been quiet. Since you said it changed to “canceled” nothing else means much unless it has been a long time and you still haven’t seen the money refunded. Since you gave no dates, we can’t tell if this is a problem or not.

I cancelled in January - no refund and no response to any mails (just one automated mail saying my refund was being processed).

Date of cancelation is May 21 2021.

Hello All - just a quick note to let you know we have a family member who’s come for in-home hospice care right now, so we’ll be light on messaging while this resolves.

We will catch up and service each query as the hospice responsibilities resolve.

Thanks very much to all for your kind patience during this time.


Best wishes to you and your family in your time of need!

You will be in our thoughts and prayers.


Mark best of luck during this difficult time. I know from experience that hospice care is physically and emotionally draining, but that it can also make a huge and precious positive difference in the life experience of the family member you are caring for.