Refund processing help

Hi, I’m one of the original first-month buyers, I have finally requested a refund, put in a new card number but the refund can’t be processed, what’s wrong?

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Tadeas - if your credit card changed, sometimes the automated linking by the card clearing firm can get confused. If so, we can help you by phone, and do it manually while speaking together.

Please email us and we’ll set up a call to take care of it for you. Thanks.

I already emailed you back on your email that the refund could not be processed. I have not received any response. That’s why I’m using this forum. My phone number is in the order, I am available to confirm what you need by phone, feel free to call me.

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Hi Tadeas - ok found it. We’ve got addresses for you in California and Europe. Please email us where you’re staying now, and we’ll work out a good time slot to arrange the call. Thanks.

I always email you, but no response. Feel free to contact me at any time between 07:00-23:00 GMT+1

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Yes, confirm that we emailed each other, and will connect with you on your local time. We are on pacific standard time here. Will talk soon to assist. Thanks

Haven’t received any info or call so far…

Hi Tadeas - was trying not to interrupt your family holidays. With time difference, let us know if you prefer tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks

Hi, any day, any time.

I’m kinda embarrassed to still be giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Seems I was hanging in there for a bit too long… No contact from them.

Uh, c’mon, what is the problem here, @WayTools?

I’ve said over and over that I just don’t see good justification for not giving a big update after YEARS when we were told it was a day a way!

And now a phone call isn’t happening, day after day after day???

FYI - We’ve called Tadeas, but no answer yet. Will email him again to connect, and reach him in the Czech Republic hopefully soon to help him get everything settled.

Hmmm, I wonder if there is a typo in the phone number? Because this has been really weird!

This post was removed as the issue it addressed was rectified.

Noted and corrected. The CZ country code appears to have persisted past the transition to the two separate states.

@waytools How about an update or admission into Treg‽

That’ll come on another thread. (This thread is to help our Czech friend). Lots of things that the team has built that have not been disclosed yet. Why we built them follows input from users, and will make a great deal of sense once you see what we’ve done.

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I seem to recall that, at one time in the distant past (many years ago now) there was a statement (and I am paraphrasing here, not quoting) that “we will not add new features that may delay a release”.


Tholo - new features that become the long pole in the tent would indeed be contrary to our shared interests and purpose.

But we didn’t do that.

We rearchitected the infrastructure to make dramatic new capabilities possible. Some of them are an automatic consequence of the v2 platform itself, and some can be added with updates now that we have the new platform.

But it’s the platform that defines the general release timeline, not some extra feature.

It’s easy to perceive we’re guilding the lilly, but that’s simply not the case. With the release, the logic of the V2 firmware, and why it’s wise strategy and so useful, will hopefully make you quite pleased with our engineering commitment.