Refund process queries

Hello, it has now been 6 years… 2 children, 3 jobs, a divorce, one house move and no textblade. I am sure that it is posted somewhere, I just cannot spend one more minute trying to find out where it is mentioned on the forum.

How can I get a refund?

This thing is never going to come and with COVID, lack of travel, I might as well get my money back!

Good luck everybody.

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Thanks a lot!!! Will try from a computer as this it throwing error for iOS!

Good luck everybody. I shall purchase back in 10 years when I retire. It will be like having a time capsule. :slight_smile:

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I have requested a refund on you web page but I still have not heard anything or seen any money on my account. I have also sent you a direct message here.
Could you please arrange my refund.


@waytools could you please make the arrangements or at least answer!!!

Hi Peter - usually this should be done automatically by the server, but we’ll check it manually for you, and call to follow up and make sure it goes through ok. Thanks.

Hi @waytools team, could you please, let me know when will my refund be processed?

I have tried two emails as well, gotten no response. Since I ordered so long ago I think I am on my second new creditcard.

I would still love to get my hands on the actual product, but for now getting my money back has my preference.

Since there’ll be some refund processing going on, today seemed to be a good day to hang up my hat as well. My orders dated from the first half of 2016. Well - I’d ordered once in 2015, cancelled when it became clear shipping wasn’t imminent, and reordered when TREG convinced me it might ship. Five years on the lack of communication finally sealed the deal.

I’ve just cancelled two orders. We’ll see how the refund process goes.

Best of luck - I hope to buy it at retail some day.


I cancelled my order March 12th and have not yet seen the refund credited to my card. Sent an email to Waytools but have heard nothing from them.

@waytools I still haven’t seen any refund!

@WayTools needs to understand that these repeated examples of problems with refunds are at least as bad - probably more - as announcing an upcoming update, but then got giving it.

I haven’t taken the time to check the pattern in detail, but my impression in recent months is that someone canceling is usually going to have a problem with the refund. That was NOT the case in the past!


That doesn’t necessarily follow. The people who get a refund with no problem are not likely to post as much whereas a larger % of the people who have a problem getting their refund are likely to post. It does seem that there used to be a quicker and more satisfactory response to these types of posts in the past.

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I just had an epiphany and figured out the secret gift that is in store for the people awaiting their order to be fulfilled. This may or may not be related to the recent spate of cancellations…

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I guess nothing is “necessarily” so, but in the past we had plenty of people posting after a cancellation and being pretty darn consistent about how at least the refund process worked just fine. That isn’t the case now. So, while it is true that those who have trouble are more likely to say something, it is still much different now.

I can think of other possibilities - that maybe those who dropped earlier were more likely to be active on the forum anyway - thus they’d post about dropping out. Could be that more of the people dropping now have not been active, thus only post if they have trouble.

I just haven’t tracked things in that much detail - and would be far too hard to find all such references now! But my general impression is that this is a much bigger problem. Remember, it isn’t just about having trouble. We see people who WayTools says they will work things out with, but later on it still isn’t solved.

I don’t recall that ever happening before.


Hi @waytools - no refund after a week. How long would you anticipate the automated system to take to issue a credit? Thanks!

The automation is suspect.

It appears that these are processed by hand.

When I got my refund in November, the automated process would not work, so Marc called me. He wasn’t able to get their credit card processor to issue the refund, so he sent me the money via ApplePay.

Given the length of time since the original charges, it is likely that many refunds will need to be manually processed.

Start the process by requesting a refund on the WayTools site, and then answer phone calls you get from Santa Monica.

That might explain what is going on. That before, even if people changed credit cards, things could still work smoothly, but with an order that is so old, maybe the card companies make it more difficult? That’s just a guess/possibility, of course.

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Yo, @waytools - any chance of shaking refund loose?