Referral Program?

As someone who is super excited about the Textblade and who is also often the one recommending new technology to friends and family, I was wondering if you all, @waytools, had considered putting together some sort of referral program, whereby those of us who make referrals can get some sort of bonus? Either towards purchase of a additional textblades,or extra stands, or… something? You would know better what might make the most sense.

I’m eagerly anticipating eventual ship (and please, this is not an invitation to complain about the delays), and if the Textlbade delivers, plan on spreading the word wide and far.


What kind of monster would refer waytools to their friends and family?


I did, and the person I recommended it to canceled over the weekend.

He was having cold feet about canceling until WT responded with the grace and class they’ve shown all of us.

I ordered the TextBlade on the basis of a referral from some consultants who belong to the same association I belong to. I can say without hesitation that WayTools has not made those folks very popular…

I’ve had several friends excitedly watch the demo video, and added an extra TB to my original order to have one to let people try (I ordered my own in Dvorak, which I don’t think would impress very many interested customers). If they ever get out the door I suspect I could sell 3-4 right off the bat, and more as I use it traveling and out in public. A referral program would be sweet, but I’d be tickled just to see WayTools succeed.

Certainly can’t recommend it to anyone just at the moment, but I think there is plenty of demand once they are actually shipping.

We have about 500 staff who work in the field, most of whom are equipped with IPads and the rest with IPhones. The vast majority would get a textblade. Worldwide we have 10K field operatives who could benefit :smile:

Wish I was on commission.

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