Recording touch situation

@WayTools When we have the flight recorder on, I was wondering about just what info you get.

Specifically, I was wondering how much you can tell about where the finger is touching. It occurs to me that such information, combined with an app that analyzed such data, could be really useful in a typing tutor.

No more just limited to what key was missed, but such an app could pick out typical missed keys and go back and examine where the heck your finger was even when you got it right. If, for example, if it found you had a tendency to hit the T key a bit low and also saw you got G sometimes, it may also see that certain combinations of characters make it more likely to hit low. Then it could test you on those combinations.

Since I use Dvorak, I found that typing “like” (that would be “pgvd” on qwerty), that the stretch for the “i” would cause me to miss pulling back and down for the “k” quite often so I’d hit the B key (x on Dvorak).

I suspect there are other things that are less obvious that the recorded data may help with.

Maybe I better explain to any not familiar with this recording process just what it is before anyone panics about privacy:

IF this is available on general release (it may just be for us testing it), nothing is sent to WT unless you go through multiple steps to specifically allow it.

  1. You have to turn on the flight recorder. But that won’t send anything.

  2. If you did some stuff and think something isn’t working right, you have to specifically click or tap something to tell the app you want to send a log. But still nothing has actually been sent.

  3. You can see the log before sending and delete anything you want out of it. For example, if I’m doing normal typing and need to send a log, it is possible it contains some personal info or maybe even a password. I just delete the stuff I don’t want them to see. And still, nothing has been sent yet.

  4. Finally, I have to click or tap to send that log.

In the case of a typing app like I am describing, it wouldn’t be sending the info elsewhere. It would be contained in the app on your computer or phone or tablet.

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