Recommended keyboard mappings for desktop use?

As you may know from other posts, I use the TextBlade layout for my desktop. I assume at WayTools some people are doing the same, but with real textblades ;). I do a lot of work on the command line in Terminal.

So far I identified some issues and handy things:

  • The home key on the alpha layer (caps lock on regular keyboards) is great for putting the escape key. On the Colemak forum they recommend putting backspace there, but since on TB that is also near (top right pinkie, on [), that is not necessary.

  • I used to use the OS X Colemak layout, but that doesn’t work for global shortcuts (they use the qwerty keys still) and remote desktops/VMs. Now I let Karabiner do the Colemak translation (exactly like TB does it), and that works way better, also allowing the use of international qwerty layouts for accents.

  • There is no way to type keyboard shortcuts using keys that use shift-green, like Cmd+Shift+\, you instead get Cmd+|. Thoughts? Special remapping using Karabiner? UPDATE Err, I don’t know what I was thinking, that just works as it should, nevermind :blush:.

  • I sometimes confuse edit mode and green mode. Keep practicing I guess. I do love both.

  • If I map the home/end keys to actual Home and End, they don’t work like that in e.g. Chrome. Instead I have to map them to Cmd+Left/Right. I presume on TB they are Home and End, so I suppose I will have to use Karabiner for application-specific mappings…

  • I remap green+ to remove the previous word, handy while learning to type. (when you make a typo, type the whole word again for muscle memory). I suppose that means I lose forward delete on the TB. Is it easy to type Option+ with the TB?

  • Finally, living so close to the home row makes me wonder why there are so few keyboards with reduced-height keys. Is there a reason for that? Reaching for the bottom row (modifiers) is the worst, and typing the extreme keys for the index fingers (T and Y on qwerty) is harder than it should be. Maybe I just have a bad typing position, I refuse to lift my palms in the air all day. Pointers appreciated.


Please don’t give them any more ideas before they ship the first batch. Can you imagine the date it will be done? Ofcourse they will ‘perfect’ the tool so they don’t need to re-send the ‘early birds’ a new one what was the deal in january.

Not trying to be rude OP but keep it for yourself now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Aeter well yeah, but I see this topic more as discussing what to do with it once we get it…

One thing I really struggle with is not having the dot on the green layer. When typing decimals or IP addresses, that needs careful coordination and lots of finger movement: 2.8 means thumb+left ring finger top, release, right ring finger bottom, thumb+right ring finger top.

I wonder what symbols could be moved to shift+green so they make room for an extra dot on green…

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And a follow-up question: Are the ctrl/option/cmd keys (ctrl/alt/windows for pc users) also sticky like the shift key?

Why/why not?

Suppose you want to play a game where the shift key is a button, is there a way to turn off the stickyness temporarily?

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Gee, I would love to try this out too . . . let me try it out on my own TextBlade! Oh, wait… I don’t have one yet…