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Its almost 5 years ago i orderd a textblade.
In the beginning The people of waytools tried to keep people happy with some info about what they where doing and about problems they where fighting against.
They even invented a TREG group of people who are testing. I tried to get into the TREG several times but never got any answer about that.

So just be hounest. Do you realy think you can deliver an working product within the coming 5 years?
Probely we do not need any keyboard any more in 5 years because we talk to computers now. So if you want to sell something just spead up or be hounest to us and just quit.
And if you come up with answers about just wait a little we are ready soon. Thats not the answer we are looking for anymore. Soon has past away 4 years ago.

With kind regards

Patrick Geelen

@patrickgeelen In my opinion it’s fine that you created this thread to express and discuss your opinion.

But you’ve also spent the past hour or so hijacking multiple other users discussions and threads, spamming the forum with aggressive and cynical comments off topic to what they are discussing, and in essence weaponizing your ability to post by disrupting those threads that are about specific other things.

I know that @waytools sometimes takes heat for moderating the forum by squelching users but it’s my hope and request that they do so in your case.

                                - Paul
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Thanks Paul for your hounest Opinion.
I think in every discussion i posted it was trying to help the discussion further.

Great that you know the ways of waytool.
I start to know them also in the last 5 years.

To be hounest your info in my post is off topic.
So would you be so kind and stay on topic.

Thank you.

With kind regards

Patrick Geelen

Off topic of this thread, maybe, but if we are going to call you out for spamming this seems a more appropriate place to do it than one of the other places that you spammed.


Dear Xbhamcb,
if you look closer than you see, i am just doing my best to contribute a lot to the forum.
My texts are all on topic. Perhaps not all you like i wrote, but he, sometimes the truht hurts.
Funy thing is “Everybody” (wondering how many people it realy are) is talking about spam but my question is stil open.
“So just be hounest. Do you realy think you can deliver an working product within the coming 5 years?”

No one objects to posting criticism. A lot of us to object to your obvious spamming. Which is why, if WT does choose to block you, your case won’t be one I’d object to.


thank you for your words Dabigkahuna,
But lets not go off topic because that is indeed spamming.
So what do you think the answer to my question is?

You’re going to tons of other threads, seemingly opportunistically, and making essentially the same point in each one and trying to make each thread about your comment.

When i pull up the “latest” list in forums I see your icon prominent in over a dozen threads.

Plenty of people have raised concerns about the company’s lack of updates which is fine. But you are using a strategy that is disruptive to the quality of the forums overall.

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As DBK indicated, I have no objection to the content of any of your posts. The thing that makes them spam is posting your message to multiple topics. After the first post the rest of them add little value to the discussion, thus being defined as spam by many.

I am not sure where your “Everybody” came from. I generally try to avoid statements that indicate absolutes, unless an absolute actually applies.


dear Idea2go and Xbhamcb,

thank you for spamming my post for the second time.
So what do you both think what the answer to my original question is?

With Kind regards

Patrick Geelen

Here is my answer to the subject line of your discussion. In the meantime I hope you take our comments to heart about what you are doing to other discussions, and if not I hope and request that you be squelched to help keep the forums useful.

The project seems very alive. A long track record of lots of amazing test units with software that has improved greatly over time along with hardware tweaks to solve various issues that came up in testing. An explanation from the company that in order to serve a larger general market they have the need to rewrite the firmware (this is described and discussed in detail elsewhere). We are all waiting for the long promised status report which will help us better understand where things stand, and either through circumstances or personality the report has been perpetually promised and then delayed. Many of the details have come out in bits and pieces through their replies to various discussions which isn’t the best way to communicate but still conveys the basic information if you gather the pieces together.

As consumers if we buy a $100 product that doesn’t pan out we lose some money and then can buy something else. As entrepreneurs it is very different. They must decide the proper product to launch with and generally put their company on the line by doing so. We don’t know all the details, costs, MTBF, customer support levels etc to second guess that decision but we know that the company has a clear passion for this technology and a desire to not just put it out but to have it done right. And the product itself instills passion amongst the public which is why these discussions are so emotional.


Patrick - while we think it’s productive to let customers express their feelings, spraying the same point repeatedly on every topic to fill the forum up with noise makes the forum less useful, and does not serve user interests. So per several user requests, we’ve muted that activity.

From what we can discern, you seem to assert that it’s pointless to complete our work for general release. We don’t share that view.

We will research and contact you to refund you, presuming that you actually do have an order.

It’s fine if you don’t want something, but it’s not socially kind to interfere with those who want it.