Progress since TextBlade annoucement

Since the textblade was announced and pre-order has started, here’s what’s changed in my life.

  1. Bought a house
  2. Wife became Citizen
  3. Became a dad

What can happen before General Release

  1. Paid off mortgage
  2. Send my kid to college
  3. Become a grand dad

I’ve relocated from London to South America and am already two years into the new role.

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Buenos Aires. It’s been a fun ride so far :slight_smile:


I’ve grown even more youthful and handsome …


LOL, maybe the wait is good for you.

  1. No one is going to like using speech to type in a room full of people trying to do the same thing.

  2. It will almost certainly be a long time before computers handle grammar well enough - let alone handle spelling of many words. Try speaking the names of streets and other things in Hawaii!

  3. While some may be able to adjust to speaking things in the form they want they to appear on the screen or for later printout, most find the thinking process to be far different, meaning either they just won’t like it or they will find themselves having to go back and make a lot of corrections.

For those who physically can’t type, voice is a great alternative. But most people aren’t in that position.

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I don’t mind the criticism for taking so long or not getting updates. I do it myself. I did so on a phone conversation Wednesday with Mark.

You don’t think it will ship. Fine. Most people are legitimately worried about that too. That will remain until and unless it does ship.

Spamming the board with the same kinds of statements nine times in under an hour is not useful.


freedom of speech doesn’t actually apply, but even if it did, that doesn’t justify anything at all.

I have not said it is justifiable. I’ve said much about not seeing justification for some things.

But spamming the board isn’t justifiable either.


I finished the software project I was hoping to use it for, since ordering managed to do a year of research, 6 months planning, 6 months design, 6 months coding, and now moping up as a completed project, hopefully it will come in time for my next one. I have faith… had it since 2016… :smile:

Looks perfect for a software developer, my MacBook is screaming to try it… hint hint…