Premium Textblade in Aluminium and or Titanium

It would be great if after first shippings and mass production under control…why not creating premium versions as medium grade and titanium as high grades…for those using it so much and carrying it everywhere it will be gorgeous and durable device…!!!..adding color to current ones will be awesome too…


Great suggestion.
At some point we’ll probably want to see colored keys too… Personally I’d love to see TB in black.

It’s a good idea. An alu. Version(if technically possible) would make a very impressive looking item.

I agree about having a metal version, at least for the key caps. It is hard to beat the feel of metal, but I guess we will see how their current plastic feels.

TextBlade in metal sculpture relief would be a very cool objet d’art.

Technologically however, it would create what’s called a Gaussian shield. That means that sensing your fingers would be blinded by the metal.

Here’s a fun experiment you can do to see how that works:

Take your IPhone to the kitchen. Put some plastic wrap over the screen, and confirm you can still touch icons. Now put some aluminum foil over the screen and try to peck out some keys. It won’t respond to you. The capacitive multitouch screen can work through dielectric (an insulator), but not through a conductive shield. This is true for all capacitive touch input devices, including TextBlade.

When you see TextBlade in person however, the rich details in brushed stainless steel and the premium metallic legends do look pretty cool.


Ooohhh I see and understand…so only option then will be playing with colour combinations…!!! This also will be very much appreciated specially a TB with multiple different colour keycaps…a sort of minimalist keyboard…!!!
Please.don’t forget adding a pouch for convenient carrying…!!!

Thanks for the explaination. I was thinking it might add extra engineering time with the bluetooth problems, but didn’t think about touch problem though. Too bad glass is so fragile.

On the other hand, clear plastic keytops so you can see the butterfly mechanism as you type…THAT would be something to see, and it would definitely turn heads! (Not that the TextBlade won’t do that already)


Sapphire would be nice. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

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