Please at least support up/down scrollwheel

I’ve been using the TextBlade layout and chording on my mac laptop for a couple of months now, and recently I switched to using a BT keyboard and mouse with the laptop up on a pedestal, instead of the built-in keyboard and trackpad.

This is an ergonomic win but the loss of the trackpad at the thumb is noticeable. I use Karabiner to provide a virtual mouse using key chords, and the most useful by far is being able to scroll up and down. Most applications and web pages have terrible keyboard focus handling nowadays, and having a scroll near home row is great.

However, the TextBlade is (presumably) much better at chord handling than Karabiner can be, so @waytools, here is a wishlist in order of increasing awesomeness:

  • Either make OS based keyboard enhancers more robust:
    • Allow macros to be assigned to chords as well as layered keys
    • Allow macros to be chords that you can hold
      • these would be serving as extra virtual modifiers
      • e.g. E+R, to be sent as E down, R down and on macro trigger release released as R up, E up
        • although it would be best to send keys that are not on the TB, like F1+F2, so the OS software won’t trigger on rollover strokes
    • Also allow defining key repeat in addition to or instead of sending up/down
      • then enhancers could transform F1+F2 directly to e.g. mousewheel up without having a virtual modifier
  • Or make a virtual mouse
    • Implement the BT mouse HID profile, and allow sending mousewheel up/down
    • Allow defining new layers from arbitrary chords (so not just the predefined ones we saw in the multimap video)
    • Also allow sending mouse movement and clicks
      • …for all 7 buttons
      • …with small or large jumps
      • …analog mode with multitouch position or pressure detection
  • Or preferably both :smiley:

There is lots of inspiration for things that are possible with chords and/or keyboard enhancer software at

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Apple is releasing new keyboard APIs in ios9 as I understand it that enable features like 2-finger touch and drag on the iPad digital keyboard to support cursor placement.

It would be amazing if such a concept was possible on top of the text blade, but I believe that would require each key to have a grid of touch sensors and would thus be quite expensive. More likely, it would need a separate attachment for a trackpad, but I could imagine a more expensive space bar that had that dual function could be possible.