Photo upload debug test

Note - image is for testing of jpeg rendering. New image renders fine. Next we are checking prior stored upload images

I don’t know what that is, but I’m not eating it!

dbk - did you just re-upload your image, or was that unchanged in your profile page?

Romanesco cauliflower. It’s actually super delicious.

I basically don’t do veggies! Never have liked them. I’ll eat fresh, young corn on the cob (we used to grow our own when I was a kid and it is so much better when you can pick it and eat it almost immediately). And if you make only broad divisions (animal, vegetable, mineral), then I could throw in some potatoes and some baked beans. Oh, and I’ll eat basic salads (lettuce - romaine preferred), tomato. I’ll do snack crackers and bread! :slight_smile:

But they don’t count those things.

My old image, when on my Mac, would show up in the upper right hand corner, but wasn’t showing up in my posts. So I went to my profile and chose one (not sure if it is the same one or just similar).

I’ve tried making another reply to your message and I keep getting a “403 Forbidden” popup! So I canceled it and am trying again from scratch, but this time by selecting “Reply” at the bottom of this thread.

Update - that worked. Weird.

Test of previous image


Debug completed, and photo upload database restored now!