People seem to want new keyboards

This seems to be doing well on Kickstarter


Clever camera angles when shooting that thing on a MacBook Pro. From those angles (directly overhead) you might think the Touch Bar will still be visible and still usable. Not so.* Basically, they have a product that isn’t truly a complete thought - it isn’t what they say it is, and it isn’t really true to itself either. What I appreciate about Waytools is their commitment to build a product that is both at the same time.


*While I didn’t see much value in the Touch Bar at first, it has proven to be a really useful and valuable addition to the MBP line over time. We went from thinking of it as a gimmick to really appreciating the functionally it adds. Some of its shortcomings seem to have been addressed by the new 16" model.


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Oh boy, more “glowing reviews”!

Here’s my favourite:

…this a solid gift choice for someone whose workflow jumps from device to device.” - Design Milk

Um, professionals choose their own tools. It’s so unlikely that someone could even gift me tech that I like better than something I’ve spent months to think about and analyze and try, before purchasing.

So their “glowing” review, if I’m reading between the lines, is just paid-for- (or bribed-for-, or pressured-for-) writing. It’s so obvious. “Buy this for someone during Christmas!!!” Whereas the pro recipient would be like, “um… thanks…?” I sympathize with anyone who has to go through the charade (of using a gift when the person who gifted it to you is around, and putting it into the drawer the moment they are out of sight. Or forcing themselves to perform sub-optimally because they don’t want to offend someone.)

I hate tech gifts. I know my tech. If you see something better, send me a link, I’ll decide for myself.

I highly recommend people not giving pros tech gifts; it’s just consumerism at its worst - more wasted money, materials, that could have gone to a better use. But by all means, as others in the forums have done, let them know about things you think are great, and if they are excited, sure, gift it to them.

Here’s another:

Over 20 Types Of RGB Backlits

Minimal Design

Uh, choose one of the above??

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“Minimal” design, but it still seems to have wayyyyy more than 8 keys plus a spacebar–I didn’t count the exact numbers. Seems they haven’t really caught a glimpse of true minimalism yet.

I also have to commend their (non ) folding keyboard’s “portability”.

@Waytools, the world is eagerly waiting for something better. The stage is set. Just look on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, there are LOADS of new, better, faster, more portable, “the best”, “the first”, Etc., keyboards–and not-keyboards that have dreams of being a good way to input text wherever you are but don’t give any haptic feedback.

NONE of them are as small, versatile, portable, ergonomic, feature-packed, and generally awesome as the TextBlade 1.0, general release version. But if you wait too long for GR, a lot of people will say, “why should I buy another radical new keyboard? I already have this one off Kickstarter/Indiegogo/homebuilt/whatever, and it’s not as good as I expected.”–they’ll miss out on something better because they already got burned by something that didn’t go through 4+ years of testing.


I pledged for this keyboard. Not because I am looking to replace the (not sure it will ever ship) Waytools keyboard, but because the typing experience of my MBP sucks and I want a clicky keyboard for fun.

I bought in a couple of weeks into the launch by Waytools, and am still looking forward to the possibility of using it…but at this point I don’t actually expect it will ever ship. I hoe it does, but after so many years I do not have any expectations of it shipping.

If/when it does, I’ll be celebrating along with all of you.

I ordered this futuristic new keyboard from Samsung, and they mailed me an empty box!

p.s. The star of the video, and maybe even the makers of the video, are definitely not a role model for me. Check out that monstrosity at t=9!

Killer feel :sunglasses:

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:+1:t3: Back to the future :slightly_smiling_face:

I think they said they’re coming out with a line of futuristic clothing next …


There is always the “Paper Keyboard”, which is almost invisible.

Guess I’m late for the party (again)… Pressed the play button on that video (Apple’s keyboardless laptop) but nothing happened. Maybe the keyboard is invisible, like the emperor’s new clothes.

Seems like there might be some who would wonder the same of a certain product everybody here is waiting for news on.

At least I know THAT exists, but only a small few are that lucky.

Can you elaborate on how you find the Touch Bar useful? I only use mine for sound and brightness. I’ve yet to find a use for it that was better than the alternatives.

LOL. My favorite. I have a link to this in my personal email signature. In all the years this has been my signature, it has only been commented on ONCE!

Sent from my MacBook Wheel

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This really happened? I assume it’s just software, but did you actually buy this? Curious…

Haha no! I was just imagining that some genius marketing person at Samsung might come up with the idea of shipping an empty box to make the point that their keyboard is nothing. It reminded me of the emperor’s new clothes story.

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I love the fact that the size comparison analog is a massive desktop keyboard with number pad.

I get it, portable it within the context of a laptop. But it still doesn’t get me covered for the 50 emails I have to burn through on my phone while I am away from my bag and more convenient input devices (enter text blade).

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Hahaha, I love the onion.

Just saw this, I have an atreus, but this one will be a bit cheaper, smaller and not require any DIY.
I’ve been using my atreus for over a year now and my experience has been very good, so I have high expectations of this new model.

The two companies behind it already have a couple of great keyboards under their belt and this isn’t a huge departure from previous keyboards that they have made.

Do you think it will launch and be delivered before the textblade?

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It’s fairly likely to ship before the TextBlade: The software is already done (same as previous); there are no surprises in the hardware; it looks like the physical aspects are already completely ironed out, so it’s just down to production details now.