Paying Customers Shouldn't Have To Seek Updates

I didn’t miss the point. I understand they got themselves into this situation. I thought that was clear from what I wrote. I think they are trying to get themselves out of the situation by shipping the product, they are just not quite there yet. I also think legal action at this point, if successful, would be equivalent to pulling the plug on the whole thing. Do you want to do that?

Stockholm Syndrome.

Loyalty of a few has been bought by shipping beta devices with time bombs in them.

It was predictable, was predicted, and here we are.


I’m not suggesting suing them unless legal action is warranted.

Filing complaints with the BBB or FTC can result in forcing companies to behave (and/or communicate) better with their customers. They’re avenues to force a company to action when complaints/requests are unresolved. This is the case.

If they’re misusing funds or are purposely being deceitful, they deserve whatever they get.

Fourteen months (for my order, others are longer) with zero communication is unacceptable. Blog posts are not updates to paying customers, and even those are sporadic and useless.

Back to the original point of this thread… we (the customers) shouldn’t have to seek out updates.


Good one. It would take far more than a keyboard.

They put up a pretty lengthy post about five weeks ago. And subsequently released a couple hundred test units to actual customers.

So yes, they could be less forthcoming.

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@akula34, I agree with you that customers should not have to beg for updates. I also find it very frustrating to be put in a position of ferreting out intel. But, I don’t see WayTools changing their style now. I have seen what happens when WayTools posts here. Everyone pounces. It’s almost a no win situation until they can post that they have started shipping. If they post anything other than that, every syllable is dissected and still no one believes anything they write because they have lost credibility-- of their own doing of course.

The only thing that I can do as a TREG tester to help this situation is to try to fill in some of the information gaps. I am starting to wonder why I should bother, when I get comments like this

But on the whole there have been many more people who appreciate the efforts and information.


I’m not loyal. I just want a Textblade.

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That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? Let’s not shoot the messenger, especially when they’ve been the only saving grace of this whole ordeal. Remember that they’re in a very precarious situation. They have to be diplomatic, whereas we don’t.



I don’t think that anyone is begrudging TREGer’s and their devices. I’d certainly be happy if I’d been included in TREG.

The problem is TREG folks telling others to be patient, that the device is worth the wait, etc. They’ve essentially become the proxy for WT, absolving them of their responsibility to keep their customers informed.

If TREG folks merely reported on the status of the hardware, problems, likes/dislikes and stayed out of the rest of the order mechanics & delays, people wouldn’t mind as much.


Thanks Jim, appreciate you’re not allowed to provide more detail than that


I’d want to hear their opinion, perhaps more so than just a reading of the tech spec sheet. If I were a TREGer, I’d be all opinions, sans any tech specs or facts. I’d provide more than an earful, I guarantee you that :smile:



Just so you know. I and many other TREG testers have been privately urging WayTools to update people here. (EDIT: I guess I have publicly done that as well quite a few times)

Sorry if I have played the patience card too much, I usually reserve it for when people are going off the deep end.



I for one am very grateful for all the info you’ve provided. I think all you TREGers have done us great service, because I know none of you were required to do so. Great pix too by the way.



Thank you

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Another “situation of their own making”.

They read the NDA, knew the rules and decided to play.

Nobody else even knew the rules until they were leaked, because they were hidden in the app.

So they don’t listen to you either. They don’t have to, of course; if they jerk your leash your device stops working.

You get “comments like this” because you’re an enabler.

You do the work that WT should have done for themselves long ago, and make it possible for them to shirk it for even longer. And like all enablers, you enjoy collateral gains.

Sorry you find my gratitude insufficient. Ask for your money back.



Please tone it down. I’ve appreciated and learned from your thoughtful comments on this forum in the past, but today you’re different. Personally insulting us and making psychological evaluations are beyond disrespectful. Why are you wasting your time here? IIRC, you cancelled your order.


Exactly! I will take that as a compliment of the highest order. I hope I am enabling them to get this thing out the door so we can all get on with our lives.


Can’t speak for others, but I would be saying the same things, TREG member or not, because I was saying the same things for 6 months or so.

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