Paying Customers Shouldn't Have To Seek Updates

Why no emails? Why no customer outreach? Why do even forum members who invest their own time into researching the product development progress have difficulty finding the current status of things? Why do TREG users get treated like tentative colleagues with personalized phone calls and emails while the rest of the investor base is left to blindly search through expansive threads for worthwhile information? Why is there no standard update day? Why do the owners and decision makers at Waytools STILL not feel beholden to the body of people who paid in good faith to receive something there has never been a definitive ship date for?

I bet it’s pretty cool. I bet I’ll get used to it instantly. I bet I’ll write a ton with it. I bet I’ll show it to people constantly. I bet I can handle a few hiccups in performance CONSIDERING THE ONE YEAR GUARANTEE. I bet a LOT of people feel that way.

Please, Waytools. Embrace transparency. Embrace your supporters. Keep my money. Please give me something for it.

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I agree with you. And here’s proof of their absence from the forum.

I like the regular in your suggestion for updates, let them choose an update frequency and show they can stick to it. Preferably with content, or just a simple excuse and we’ll be back next … [insert period]. It’s the long wait for an extravagantly written empty post that keeps us all here, might as well have a fixed time to get my dose of update. Current situation is not helping their brand and customer relationships going into future release.
And we should of course plan a regular time to post / phone / email / private-message @Waytools to give them the update that we’re all still waiting for signal that they’re still at home. Since they used to update on Monday or Tuesday going into late night, might I suggest spamming them on Wednesdays when they’ve been quiet? My part of the deal is: I won’t question or criticise the content of the update, we’ll all just speculate amongst ourselves, for which reason waytools should only post what they know without shine or polish, unless that’s the update itself (the less lines, the less reading between the lines, KISS applied to PR)


You will never get emailed updates because they don’t want to leave a document trail. Anything you are told will be on a website or app that they control, and can disappear or be altered at any time.

It’s been this way from day one.


Which is why I scrape this site from different IP addresses twice a week for an attorney friend. He’s waiting on his Textblade (and TREG application), and is about ready to file a formal complaint with both the FTC and Visa.


Why not just request a refund, as many have done, successfully? What’s the end goal of this “formal complaint?”


IDK, Justice?

I’ve already gotten a refund on my two, and am still here because I would eventually like it, or something like it.

As to why one would file a complaint, that’s because he’s handled a few unfair trade practice suits in the past & thinks that WT is just on the wrong side of the law, as well as their merchant agreement with Visa/Mastercard.

The end goal would be for either WT to refund all the “pre-orders” - while keeping everyone in their respective places in the queue, or getting them to ship the damn thing so it becomes a moot point.



If the goal is to get WT to ship, a legal distraction seems pretty counterproductive.


Exactly! It’s not as though they’re clearly sitting on a stockpile of product that’s ready to go and holding off because of spite.


Yes, exactly. Waytools were pretty active on this forum until the moment some user started up a BBB complaint. After that, radio silence.

And besides, these guys are putting out enough fires as it is trying to get this thing out the door.

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Their marketing 15 months ago stated they were clearly sitting on a stockpile of product that were ready to go


Since they give no status by email, it is reasonable to affirm that one needs to check their order status on the forum/cart.

4 minutes per day for doing so X average (1…450 days) == (4…1800) minutes == average 900 minutes == average 15 hours per person who ordered.

15 hours @ 50 $ == 750 $ in loss for each person

750$ X 10000 orders == 7.5M$ lawsuit



There’s something missing between the two.

My wish isn’t to delay release or add needless burdens onto a perhaps overburdened company with lofty aims I support and couldn’t hope to replicate. I have no interest in engaging Waytools legally unless it turns out they’ve disappeared into South America with all our money and then the forum community gets into an incredible misadventure of trying to extradite Mark and then…

But I certainly don’t want a refund.

I’m an end user.
I just want to WRITE.

The mobility and functionality are clearly worth waiting for. The $100 dollars wouldn’t change my life, and if it would then why the **** did I spend it on a Bluetooth keyboard‽

But seriously, there’s no way for the size of the company to address the quantity of complaints and concerns and requests and pipe dreams, because that would be ridiculous. There’s no way to cover all their bases and make it perfect and get it out in a still somewhat reasonable amount of time and ensure a total lack of defects and keep their image under control and maintain customer interest and maintain customer patience and maintain customer confidence… it just spins out of control.

Triage, folks. Show a bit more humility. Take a bit more responsibility. I’m sorry to say it so bluntly, but honestly…


10-60 minutes depending how much better internal communications are at Waytools HQ and how well the update poster has learned to use the company-provided device.

Much good,

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Guys, as much as I want this totally unreliable arrogant company to ship this damn product, I really don’t think we actually want this right now. Last update to our shipping (which was the usual pack of lies) was 18 March, which says (mine does) shipping date April, it is now 25th April, so 100% unlikely, this radio silence is a distinct indication of issues much bigger than they anticipated. We know they have hardware issues and we know they are keeping quiet about it, and playing it down with a minor update in one of the posts a few weeks back.

So based on that, we really don’t want this now guys. We have a 1 year window for repairs/version updates. I think we all know if we got it now and we required that update for it to be reliable, we are not going to get that within 1 year. So my vote is to let them fix what they gotta fix.

If this was a Kickstarter, KS would have canned them long ago. Since it’s a crypto-preorder, FTC would seem to be the ruling authority.

When I pointed out to them privately nearly a year ago that they were clearly out of compliance, there was handwaving about how those rules didn’t apply to them.

Perhaps some believe they should get a legal pass because their stated goals are noble. I tend to think the same laws should apply to them that apply to everybody else, right down to the last crocheted tea cozy on Etsy. For those who believe a refund absolves WT of all sin, I refer you to the concept of “opportunity cost”.

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@MaggieL… I’ve also reached out to an attorney friend who has stated in no uncertain terms that WT is not on shaky legal ground, but clearly in violation of not only FTC rules, but legal statutes as well.

Specifically, the attorney friend mentioned that this is essentially a ponzi scheme where WT is still charging credit cards for new orders, while having failed to ship the existing ones. They offer “refunds” immediately to those who ask, but my friend said that WT almost certainly could not produce the funds for those “pre-orders” if ordered to by Visa/MC/AmEx.

My friend recommended filing my complaint with both the BBB & FTC as a starting point. I plan on doing that this week as the likelihood of receiving a TextBlade is essentially nil at this point.


@MaggieL, Once Kickstarter gets their cut of the funding, they really don’t care much and really have no other recourse with the funded project than to prevent the same people from launching another campaign. They are specifically set up to not be responsible.

So with all this legal talk and these threatened complaints, I assume none of you really want this keyboard and just want to “get back” at WayTools for stringing you along?

There are those that do want this thing and I don’t see where any of what you are talking about is productive toward reaching that goal.

You have the right to do, think, and feel what you want, but please consider the consequences of you actions. Those customers that are waiting and still want the keyboard don’t deserve to have it delayed further by the actions of a group of their fellow customers (along with a bunch of non-customers).

I am not defending WayTools on their communications, but they are working hard to get the product out the door.


@Jim, no, in fact, this is about doing what’s legally required and frankly good business practices.

WayTools doesn’t get a free pass because people are still interested in their product. Imagine if Amazon refused to ship you a product for over a year and never communicated to you. Would you give them the same leeway. Nope, I sincerely doubt it.

Organizations like the BBB & FTC exist to advocate for customers and force businesses like WayTools to follow the laws and resolve issues.

WayTools has chosen it’s path. The lack of communication is a clear demonstration of their intent as a business.

Let’s hope the result of the actions I (and possibly others) plan on taking result in WayTools being forced to change their terrible business practices, both with their product & communication.

Besides, no one will get a keyboard in the next six months anyway. Anyone who believes that they’ll ship before Christmas, if ever, is just deluding themselves.