Not a touch typist

I am not a touch typist - though I type without looking at the keyboard using a system I’ve developed somehow through trial and error. I imagine many people have their own learned systems which are not really the “right way.” Will I be able to adapt to this keyboard using my own ‘method’ or will I have to learn how properly touch type?

what is your WPM average with your own method? I am myself currently switching to “standard” touch typing because people tend to type faster than me.

Tested today at 73 wpm

@waycool, this will have a learning curve, even for the most experienced typists. For some, it may take a few hours, some will take a few days, and some will take even a month. It depends on your current method of typing. Since you said you built your own system, you will have a harder time.

The question is, will this device provide enough of a benefit for you to justify it. If yes, you will get used to it quickly if you work on it enough.

Why not? I learn touch typing at Ratatype and and pleased about it.