New TechTalk Update Coming

Maybe one day we’ll have laptops that simply have a place you can slide in any compatible keyboard you want! Probably be complicated, but it would be cool to have the option.


Well, that was a week ago. I’m really happy there will be more detail on that in the update. I’ll be happier when I see the update! 34 days till the last day of winter.


… products would no longer get released.


Tim Cook would personally take on all company communications?

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Those mini-laptops were popular here about 15 years ago. They had shrunken keyboards that took some getting used to, but you could type on them full-speed after a while. I myself used one for years.

One with a TextBlade in it would be lovely.

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Of course, another option would be an ipad that could act more like a laptop, with a TB style keyboard.

An ipad with a TB keyboard cover could be nice too, but as has been discussed before, Apple seems intent on limiting it.

You mean like the Mac Pro getting regular updates from 2013 to 2019?
The Mac mini getting regular updates from 2014 to 2018?

Just got to wondering what might be included in the new firmware from @waytools - and what might be included in the info they post in the update.

We know they are trying to get at least parity with the old firmware. We also know some things have been improved, such as how quickly it jumps or starts up (or both - I can’t remember the specifics they posted). Oh, and reduced energy draw on the battery.

We also know some things that are coming eventually. For example, they mentioned 12 jumps. Also more boundaries we can adjust. Plus the ability to edit special key positions such as shift, or to put modifier keys in other places. As well as the ability to put combinations of modifiers on a key, without needing to add a normal key to it. IOW, you could assign a key to be Command+control, but that’s it rather than the need to add a regular character to it as you do now.

Sooo, what I’m wondering is, will any of these things (or others I can’t recall) be included when we get the firmware sent to treg?

Now, before anyone gets all upset and says something like, “Don’t add more jumps now because that would delay things”, it (or some of these other things) may not delay things at all. After all, it’s a rewrite. Some things will improve as a natural result of that. Whether actually activating more jumps takes more time would depend on what is involved and whether the mere existence of more jumps can cause problems.

I think of it this way, just as a theoretical. Suppose you had a spreadsheet which had data for 6 sets of data, each on their own row. You may have something in the spreadsheet which will do something based on a particular row of data that you specify. The row you want may be put in a particular cell (let’s say “A1”) and the row numbers you can enter would be 2-7 (6 rows). So if A1 contains a “2”, the other part of your spreadsheet simply acts on the data in row 2. Now, in such a structure, what difference would it make if you added another 6 rows of data? It wouldn’t be any more complicated.

So, if this is how the jump slots on the new firmware work (not a spreadsheet, of course, but in concept), then you could add lots of jumps, limited only by available space and, of course, how you access them. Obviously, doing it the way they are accessed now is easy. Just press two adjacent keys. You wouldn’t want to get too complicated even if you have the space, so maybe slots 7-12 use the same chords, plus the space bar (green layer).

That’s just possibilities, my point is simply that they could activate 12 slots and it may have no impact on shipping. If it did, then I would certainly favor doing that improvement later! Same with any of the other things.

In any case, I’d like to know about these things.

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My concern with slots adjustments will be ensuring that existing slot mappings are maintained. Especially as it relates to the dongle currently slotted to slot 6 for most of us as it is not trivial to reslot the dongle if the connection is lost.

As i am hopeful that new firmware will not facilitate all of the TREGers from needing new issued TBs to continue the TREG testing.

Well, let’s remember that we are testers so if for some reason the changes require slot changes, that’s just one of the burdens. Though it would be nice if they could avoid it.

As for the dongle, I’m not sure what issue you are referring to. Right now the 6th slot is for the dongle (for those who got it) and the dongle is already paired to it. So if they send you a new TB and new dongle and it is connected to, say, slot 12, you still just plug it into your computer and chose the appropriate slot.

Now, if they just upgrade the firmware and that process somehow messes up the dongle slot so it no longer works, that would be a challenge for people to get it back working again from what I’ve read from others. I don’t know if WT can just send another dongle what will immediately work with you TB or not.

I don’t see an issue if they send new TB with the firmware. True, I’d have to do my pairings, but that just doesn’t take very long. Besides, I’d still have the old TB if I’m really crunched for time. Even if WT wants the old ones back, I doubt they’d say it had to be done immediately. They never did before. And after early testing, they normally didn’t ask for them back at all. There is also good reason for us to keep them during the testing - if the new firmware acts up on whatever unit they send us (if they do that), it will be important that we can go back to the old unit to see if it has the same problem or not for comparison.

So, unless I’m missing some specific situation you may have, I don’t see an issue with this at all.

I believe the messed up dongle slot you mention is what @tlrogers is referring to. If the dongle somehow gets disconnected from it’s assigned slot (i.e. you accidentally erase the slot, it gets erased through a software error, etc), it can be a harrowing procedure for some to get it reassigned. The procedure in the wiki can be followed to reconnect the dongle (or to add your own) but some people do have trouble with getting it to work.

I believe @waytools have in the past sent a new dongle and spaceblade to correct this issue.

Ever seen this one?

I keep seeing conflicting dates for the end of Winter, 2020. Siri say March 18. An online site says March 19 (but that it at 11:37 HST so I assume in California it would be March 20).

Anyway, using the March 20 date, we are now down to 29 days till the end of Winter, which is also the latest shipping estimate on our order status pages. Well, at least for those who ordered fairly early.

Based on prior WT comments, we would still need the update posted as well as firmware sent to Treggers before release. It has been my personal view that treg testing, even if no problems are found that would cause a delay, would be a month. Which would mean we won’t make the estimated date. Of course, they could be planning to have treg testing last no longer that they intended the first time, which was 2-3 weeks. That would make it possible to achieve the estimate, but not for long!

I doubt anyone is going to be surprised if they estimate changes to Spring. But @waytools really needs to take that next step - which is the update.

Maybe even send the firmware to just one tregger (verxion would be a good choice) with permission for him to at least make general comments about how it is going.

Personally, while I understand wanting to do most testing “in house” until you think it may be ready, I do think even a small amount of treg testers may help avoid last minute problems.

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I don’t think the exact date for the end of winter matters.
Based on the current history, I would be surprised if anyone believes that it will ship before the end of winter 2020. I am still hoping that it will ship in 2020 and not get pushed into 2021/2.


Yeah. It’s hard to see any kind GR in the near future (even if measured in months) when @waytools hasn’t given us anything to really measure progress by.

When Treg was first announced, but delivery didn’t happen nearly as soon as we thought (I think we expected February, but nothing was received until March 28), it was frustrating, but there were some thing said along the way that gave us some idea of progress.

I can only recall two items in recent months that give any progress. One was that 90% of parity with old firmware had been reached. The other was almost the same, but I think it said “more” than 90%. Which could be 91%. Or the original 90% could have just being a rough idea and really be the same as “more than 90%”.

Combine that limited info with the 20 months of delays on posting a major update and it just doesn’t give anything to go on that is positive, but a fair amount (the update delays) that is negative.


Hey guys, I know that we are expecting a new update but I’ve seen this news here in Brazil that might be a game changing in the way we pay things down here. It is a new method for money transferring using only smartphones that transfer money from B2B, B2C or even C2C.
It is different from Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc. it is not related to any credit card and it will be implement directly on the app of your bank. Seems to be a very huge game changing situation here.


That was what I meant correct @JMacRury. I completely understand that WayTools will send out new TB to TREG members who have issues. I am hopeful the mechanism to assign a slot for the dongle become crazy simple as I want to move mine from 6 to 12 almost immediately if 12 become available as I have plenty of other devices to connect to and 12 will be my goto for work desktop…

Also, if it becomes crazy simple to assign the dongle and we get 12 slots, I want 3 dongles. 1 fixed for work. 1 fixed for home wherever I want and a roamer in my laptop bag for any other cool situation.

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tlrogers - confirm that the new firmware infrastructure and latest Bluetooth stack allows us to use dongles that can be paired in the field, at will.

This means you can connect several dongles, and assign them to slots of choice, just as with any other Bluetooth host.

This eliminates any need for factory set-up for dongles, and lets users configure them however you like. It’s just a easy as pairing with your phone.

We had special requests from users to pair two dongles during treg validation, so we learned about this need, and have accommodated it with the new firmware architecture.


Dbk - re additional jump slots -

Confirm as follows -

  1. New infrastructure intrinsically allows more jump slots

  2. Number of jump slots is now a parameter, and no longer hard-coded, thus simple to expand.

  3. Primary code work is around UI enhancements to manage user access.

  4. UI parsing is more parametric now too, so UI changes are much simpler than before.

As a general rule of thumb, adding features adds complexity and test time. However, in the case where you rethink and improve the architecture, things can actually get simpler to maintain, and some new features are simply consequences of the new foundation, and require sometimes little or no material work to accommodate.

The jump slot expansion here is thankfully the latter, more favorable case.

That is not by accident, it was a known requirement in the creation of the new infrastructure, based on extensive input from users in the field.


Would love to know how that works - from a user perspective! All I’ve read from people who have done the dongles on their own or had to redo the ones you sent because they accidentally erased its slot makes it sound pretty tricky.

Is this only about a firmware change and maybe somehow your app handles the work. Or is it also about YOUR dongle - made to be much easier to do these things?