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Dpom - :+1:t3:Lex Fridman’s Artificial Intelligence podcast is a treasure trove of great tech (and philosophy) interviews. (We follow it frequently)

A who’s-who of Nobel Laureates, Turing Prize winners, Industry experts, Authors, and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk.

Highly recommend it for the demographic here. It’s an intellectual feast, and you’ll love it.

Jim Keller is one of the greatest chip architects ever, and a supremely strategic thinker. He really understands the art of architecture.

He lead chip design at AMD, PA-Semi, Apple, Tesla, now Intel.

At Tesla, he helped conceive the autopilot neural net processor, which was then completed by longtime colleague and uber-brilliant chip designer, Pete Bannon.

Bannon’s team at Tesla has delivered the most state-of-the-art autonomous driving AI chip in the world, and they will release the nextgen in 7nm silicon late next year.

Very exciting time to be alive.


Amazing podcast!

It’s Monday… I get excited like I used to on Christmas morning. What presents did I get? Is there a new update on the TextBlade?

Bummer… All I got was a bag of coal (also known as, “No update”).

Of course, just like the movie, “Groundhog Day”, I’ll get excited next Monday and repeat until we get a true Christmas surprise: an update!

BREAKING NEWS: Tesla AutoPilot potentially suffers from road rage!

It has been suggested that owners and users of Tesla vehicles should avoid using autopilot due to a potential flaw in it’s design which MAY cause unwanted accidents. In certain situations, like when the car is suddenly cut off, the vehicle may suddenly accelerate after the offending vehicle.

Some users report hearing a voice from the sound system in the vehicle saying what sounds like “Tesla SMASH!”.

Tesla has denied this and said it has nothing to do with Pete Bannon but would offer no further comment on if or when an update will be forthcoming. It has not been confirmed, but Mr Bannon is rumored to have studied under Dr Bruce Banner during his gamma ray testing days with the military.

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Is it too soon to start the Butlerian Jihad?

Well, I don’t know how much complexity would be involved since I don’t know how the code works. But obviously something is being done to tell the TB to stop charging at 100%. So I can see how it COULD be fairly simple to have it check for two numbers - 100% and 80% and certainly shouldn’t be a big deal to add a switch in the app.

As for the usefulness and how often you want to charge, I figure for a lot of people, as long as it last for an entire day, regardless of how much you are using it, they will be satisfied with charging each night.

Now, many people will have it last much longer because of less use. So, suppose you have someone who goes a week between charges. They may get used to the idea of only charging on a specific night each week which becomes an easy to remember habit. If limiting (though this would only be an option) the charge to 80%, can they still make it a week? If so, then this is still a nice option.

The only negative I can see are people who have an easy to remember routine now, but the reduced charge would put them into an odd charging cycle which is harder to remember, thus requiring them to pay more attention to the remaining charge. Like if you go from weekly to every 5 days.

The important issue is how much longer would the total battery life be with the reduced charge? If you get four years now before a heavy user wouldn’t get a full day, but with this change that might take 6 years. That would be a nice benefit.

UNLESS there are other things which a heavy user would wear out by 4 years anyway. Of course, people may opt for newer models just as they replace good phones with newer phones, but I suspect they would either give the old TB to someone or keep the old one as a backup. Or as one to keep in their travel kit so they don’t have to worry about forgetting to take their main one.


More detail on that in the update


So, this coming Monday then?

I’m sure it was an oversight, but it is Monday! You still have over an hour to get that update out!


No no no no no, Monday is the MEETING day!! TUESDAY is for the update!! :wink:

That’s my usual expectation but I already committed tuesday to getting new firmware and I stick to my commitments!

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Actually, Tesla hides some buffer capacity (like 10%) on new batteries so that it seems that they are without any loss for the first 6-8 months. They do this because in the beginning, Li-Ion batteries degrade very quickly for a bit. So unless this owner measured actual capacity separately, the conclusions may be faulty.


Anything on when we will get that update? If there is something you can’t talk about - say, if Apple is coming out with new ipads in March (which is rumored) and it will include a keyboard cover based on TB design and Apple doesn’t want you to talk about it, you can leave that part out! :slight_smile:

Only 36 more days before the end of winter shipping estimate to fit in an update and treg testing!


BREAKING NEWS: WayTools to buy Apple!

In what some are calling the purchase of the century, WayTools is rumored to be buying Apple. This is based upon the lack of comments on Apple releasing new iPads in March which will include new keyboard covers based on the TextBlade design.

It has been rumored that Mark was overheard while leaving the WayTools offices saying “I’m going out to buy Apple”.

More details to come…


BREAKING NEWS: WayTools to buy Apple!

In further research, it seems this purchase or Apple may have been underway for some time. This would explain the promised update being over a year late.

When asked about a potential purchase, Tim Cook simply turned away and could be heard mumbling something that sounded like “We’ve lost our mojo. We didn’t think a keyboard would be this difficult.” and just before the door slammed, he is rumored to have said something that sounded like “WayTools can fix it.”

More to come…


Found this on MacWorld:

There are rumors circulating that Apple will soon be announcing new iPad Pro models and, with them, a new take on the Smart Keyboard.

BREAKING NEWS: WayTools to buy Apple!

Further evidence to support the rumor that WayTools is in the works to buy Apple has been found. In serching the history of this very forum, WayTools has seemed to have prior knowledge of new Apple products that were yet to be announced.

WayTools have also provided tech support to our own @dabigkahuna when he recently upgraded to a new mac mini and was having bluetooth issues. Normally, tech support issues would be provided by the manufacturer.

Those two items are a few “things that make you say hmmmmm”.

More to come…

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Just a question, do you think you might have it backwards and might Apple be looking at buying Way Tools? I have been on this forum for several years, not so much anymore, but I can’t believe that Way Tools has more than maybe 15 employees, just a guess, and Apple is a very large and rich company. No way could Way Tools buy Apple but the other way around, I can see it. It appears that the Text Blade could be a great addition to the Apple line. Just wish that my order would be fulfilled and not sure if Apple owning Text Blade would get that done.

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Certainly possible. But we are only kidding about WT buying Apple!


BREAKING NEWS: WayTools to buy Apple!

This rumor has been verified to be false. Upon further investigation, while leaving the WayTools offices, Mark actually said that “he was going out to buy AN apple.”.

Also, the rumor about Tim Cook was also proved to be false. What Tim actually said just before the door slammed was “It will take WAY MORE TOOLS to fix it.”

While it was nice to think that this may be the cause of the delays in providing an update, this isn’t the reason.

In other news, the beavers are still extremely silent of late.


As long as we are imagining things, how about a small laptop, even smaller than the MacBook Air (but a bit bigger than an ipad mini) which is designed for extreme portability and has a TB built in. Even better if it could be designed so the keyboard could be easily taken out used with other devices! Or, similarly, designed with indentations on it that let you set any TB into it with a connector that gives you essentially a wired connection.

It would have to be bigger than the mini ipad because the TB will not quite fit in the dimensions of that device. Maybe a 9 or 10 inch laptop. Screen could be bigger since my old mini has pretty big bezels which could be reduced.

It could be a nice niche device. For years people used to talk about ever bigger laptops, but more and more I read about people liking the 11 inch Air size. And it would be the only small device without a compromise on key size. It would let people who want something really small have it while also getting the TB out into the public where, like many of us testers found, it wasn’t just a really nice portable keyboard. It was a better keyboard than our full size ones.

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If WayTools were to “merge” with Apple like NeXT “merged” with Apple, it would be earth-shaking:

  • Suddenly it would become a product company again.
  • Stagnant products would get real changes.
  • iPad Pro would live up to its name (do professional work, not just be an emergency text editor).
  • Keyboards - wow.
  • Actual value for the customer. My stepmom had a 6 year old MacBook Pro Retina 15”/16GB/500GB. She bought it new for < $2500, taxes in. Today, the current model with 2/3rds the equivalent spec (ie 16GB/500GB) would be $2,999 before taxes, and have a worse keyboard.
  • They might develop new products that we wouldn’t want to live without, but not charge us prices like they have us in a chokehold.
  • People might like them again.