New status page up

Haven’t read it yet.

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Interesting read and reflective of what we have been finding.

The picture and the first 4 paragraphs are new. As far as I can tell with a quick scan, everything starting with “Jumps” is what was there before.

Sorry if this sounds negative, but there still is no list of blocking issues or even unresolved issues. This is more marketing than actual status update. And I’m not a fan of the self-congratulatory tone in the face of two and a half years of continuous missed estimates.

@waytools, please give us some meaningful details explaining why you can’t release now and what you are doing about it.



Had another “Wowing the Waitress” moment at breakfast. She’s an exclamatory sort, so she gushed all over “my little keyboard.” And the guy at the next table said he saw it coming in, so I took it over and demonstrated it for him and let him try it. He too was impressed, though not much of a typist.

I sometimes get sad when there’s still no “big media splash” to validate my great foresight way back before Trump said he wanted to be President, and here we are … (I’ll let you finish the sentence according to your own political tastes.)

And I sometimes worry that the latest new Apple feature (wow – slide your fingers to get numbers!) will make the TextBlade an anachronism when its millions are launched.

But it’s refreshing to see that these 3 little blades still have power to impress and delight! And “The Wow” happens before the observer even knows that it folds up!

I still can’t wait for The Launch (wait … wrong choice of words … yes, I guess I can wait … I’ll try again …) Sometimes the TextBlade seems like old news to me now that it’s become such a part of my workflow.

But with the new photo on the website of “launching” a freshman, when The TextBlade Launch does happen, it’ll be exciting for the rest of the world.

Hey Mark, is that your son? Good looking kid!
And if he belongs to one of the Dev Team instead, then even bigger congratulations!! :wink:

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I’m optimistic the TextBlade will ship by 1/12/18.

If they can ship by 1/12/18, WayTools can avoid the criticism of taking over three years for General Release.

I also do not want to sound negative as the first couple of new paragraphs sound nice but we need more concrete info on the actual remaining issues and what is the work plan and an estimate for actual release please.

Doesn’t need to be super extensive or detailed, just what remains to be fixed before release (and by when if possible).


Pictured above is a newly-minted college freshman celebrating the start of fall semester with a send-off dinner.His choice?”
I’d applauded that kind of wording on the TB public site, but on my order’s status page? Edited the page to add that? Kind of bad joke to me.


WAITER!!! I’d like more salt for my wound.


I don’t get why the two post on Kanoa, YC were closed; both are nothing more than normal discussions on a forum


Neither did I. Waytools clearly wanted the last word. Together with the latest “update”, that was finally enough crap for me. I’m out…

One edge case after another. There’s an update on Android, it causes a problem, WT fixes the problem, then Apple releases an update, which causes another problem, and on and on and on it goes. How could this cycle possibly be broken? It’s not like Bluetooth and Android and Apple are going to stop releasing updates when (if) the TextBlade is finally out in the wild. So what happens then? Presumably OTA updates — but if that’s going to work in the future, why not now? WT said in an update months ago that the hardware is good to go, and now confirm that hundreds of TREG units are “getting daily pounding, over several months of use.” And yet general release remains a faraway dream. I just don’t understand.



Because there is a huge difference in perception if you ship something what works on Android, iOS, etc, but then one of those makes a change that screws things up, compared to shipping something that doesn’t work with one of those from the start.

We’ve all seen various updates that screw up some app or device. Very irritating, but people tend not to attack the maker of the app or device. They just hope a fix comes along quickly. But if you ship when the problem is already there, then the app or device maker becomes the target of the anger.

I also submit that this is another case of forgetting what has been reported before and latching on to just the latest item (in this case, a change in Android). From what we’ve been told (and I’d certainly like to be told more), the primary holdup are other issues with BT and a la-la state. And maybe some edge cases. We have not heard anything solid about progress on the first two.

As for edge cases, it would be easy to say they are too rare to matter, but there are two problems with that view. One is that none of us really knows how rare they are. The second is, even if each and every one is very rare, there may be enough different ones that, together, there are too many. So a user may only have 1 chance in 100 of experiencing a specific edge case, but if there are 1000 different edge cases, that is going to matter. They will need to reduce the total number.

None of which we know, of course.

Funny, but despite all those hundreds of units getting pounded on a daily basis (ahem), we’re not seeing hundreds (or even dozens) of reports from irritated TREGers who just can’t seem to get their TextBlade to work on this platform or that. Quite the opposite—everyone who chimes in seems to be very pleased, remarking what a marvel their TB appears to be, even if there’s a hiccup here and there. Nor are we seeing any reports from WayTools describing, even in general, the backlog of issues they’re no doubt working tirelessly to resolve. Instead, we’re being shown pics of a college kid enjoying a steak dinner, followed by a fleeting reference to a couple of successful updates. So forgive me if I’m misplacing blame or jumping to conclusions or latching on to whatever. In the absence of useful information, we’re forced to speculate. Don’t want us to speculate, WayTools? Then give us something real and reliable.


iphone X ships november 3 so for sure no TB general release before at least mid-november. buggy bluetooth on X? say hello to 2018 TB release. BUT the 2018 possible release window ends on july 2018 as Waytools will maybe want to wait until september 2018 for the iphone X-PLUS to be released on september 2018 to test it. and so on…

Keep in mind that we only know about a fraction of all testers - the forum participants are a minority, possibly a very small minority. Of those, many don’t post much here or on slack. Maybe they do their job and report things to WT, but the rest of us have no way of knowing any of that.

There are only 74 on slack that I know at least have what I refer to as level 3 hardware. That’s the level that, as far as I know, includes are the main upgrades, but it actually covers KB9-KB11 but I don’t think any real change has been made across those version that may be beyond simply changes in assembly practices or something while keeping the same actual hardware.

Of those, I only have dates for good or bad reports on 51 of them (I didn’t start tracking dates until the end of June). Of those, I’ve only have dates since the end of August on 23 of them. Now, that doesn’t mean they haven’t said anything, though it often does. But it may only mean that they haven’t made a specific statement that says they have no problem or that they do have one. If they had, I’d have changed the date.

Heck, of those who reported a problem that seemed worth tracking, only one has posted about it this month. That doesn’t mean the others are solved though. It really is hard to nail these things down from the outside of WT. But it does seem as though the remaining reports are less likely to be happening a lot. So, to me, that is progress. But based on too limited data!

Yet I’d say even those testers are, at least most, still pleased. Just as I was in the first day of usage, while I was making a ton of mistakes even without TB issues. Because there were still advantages and also because I could see that I and the TB were getting better. Many customers won’t view it that way.

I can see your point about the lack of details in their status updates. Can’t object to that.

I don’t often post here, because I am testing a beta or alpha release and I don’t think you have an understanding of the context that the test environment brings. So let me share two perspectives that might aid in understanding this from a viewpoint of a TREGer.

First: I have had things that are irritating. I was testing the battery warning feature for a couple of months and during this time, I operated in a low battery condition all of the time. This means that sometimes/often I run out of juice at the wrong time. Another example is that recently I had observed the TB missing spaces. It is rather frustrating to type when you loose one out of every three spaces. But as a TREGer, we look for these problems and try to make them a part of our experience, so that we can accurately share them with WayTools and eventually get them resolved. By the way, I am not belittling your frustration with waiting for general release.

Second perspective: As a tester of a beta product, there are some issues that they are actively working on. They might have some design tradeoffs that they want feedback from the TREGers. For instance, we now have more control over user adjustments in the sensing of our finger positions. Also, the debugging capability of the TB is being constantly refined. The current theory on the missing spaces issues is that it is related to the debug capability on my Mac, that makes the TB mess up. It is complicated since it does not happen often, but when it does it is painful. The outcome we are striving for is not only a solid TB, but also a reliable test structure builtin to the Mac (and other devices) and the TB, so that when it gets release they have a platform to help work through problems with customers and future OS releases. I have seen this aspect of the TB mature over time and find it invaluable to the future end users.

I hope this adds to your understanding why at least I don’t post on my day-to-day problems.

TypedonaTextBlade :wink:


Thanks for a smile!

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To reflect on Hiser’s comments I am also testing the Blade and have seen some issues such as the recent Android update which killed bluetooth communication between the blade and my S8. Waytools provided an update for me to upload to the Blade on the Sunday afternoon, which for me fixed the issue.

For me the TextBlade is a game changer and is worth the delay to get it right, which it is not yet 100% due to space issues and in my case a repeating of some characters. Not of much consolation to those waiting I appreciate but there is a lot of hard work being done by Waytools to get it over the line as the product they know it can and will be.

As an Development and Implementation Engineer myself I accepted the offer of becoming a TREG tester understanding what I was getting into and it has proved to be the case. I am trying different things to break the product and most of the time failing, but just occasionally you find a bug and report it so it can be rectified prior to release. This live testing takes time and for most products is done behind closed doors. Waytools took a risk and have done this in the eye of the customer, us, and it must be very hard for them to manage all our expectations.

I have personally criticized Waytools about communication and the lack of it, but now I am seeing the other side and what is being done I find myself empathizing with the position they are in, they will never be able to do right by us all.

For what in is worth I firmly believe it will get there and be released as a mature product that will be a real game changer in the way we interface with technology.