New practice: no refund after asking for it!

Date of texblade order: 7 of March 2015
Date of asking for a refund: 31 of August 2019
Date today: 22 of December 2019, no texblade no refund… have tried to communicate with textblade via email without any luck

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Are you kidding me? I have got two refunds from TB. It’s automatic. Check your spam folder perhaps?

After trying to get in touch with them, on 7th of November 2019 they emailed me saying
Normally, this is all automated, but some orders got stuck due to a software issue with the card services provider, so we have to do those manually. It can done be quickly in a few minutes on the phone together.

Please let us know good time windows and we’ll arrange the call to take care of this for you.

I replied
Any day is good for a call, between 10am and 10pm GMT+2 time zone (Greek time).
Contact number: xxxxxxxx
And have never received any phone call or email from them since then, even though I repeatedly have asked for an update on the issue. I have stopped following the forum after realizing that there was no way that I would ever get my -4 and a half year old- order, but never expected the company to act like this…

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Athan - thanks for bringing this to our attention. This likely slipped through the cracks due to time zone between Greece and Los Angeles. If you’re up now, we’ll try calling you and take care of it for you. Thanks


We were able to reach Athan by phone Sunday in Greece, and he’s all set now.

Great conversation, and a very nice man.


Even though it’s Sunday, just a few hours after the post (morning time in west coast), a very helpful and well informed representative reached me over the phone. Everything was settled with a very simple and straight forward way, within the first 3 minutes of the call. The representative was uber friendly and after he waited for the confirmation email to come through, we had a fruitful conversation over various up-to-date topics within the tech community. I definitely felt well served and appreciated. Many thanks, congratulations on your tech savvy-ness and I’m really looking forward to see textblade on the shelves of the stores!