New Kickstarter Project of Interest

I can’t resist copying this here. Some guy who was disappointed that a Kickstarter project he backed was delayed and delayed and delayed is proposing his own Kickstarter project: a book containing all the comments and rants of everyone who got frustrated waiting for the delayed project.

If one of US decided to do this, we’d have a multi-volume work larger than the Encyclopedia Brittanica! DaBigKahuna would probably have 5 and a half volumes all his own!

The difference is, of course, the Textblades actually exist, and will be released!! And future generations of keyboard users will call us blessed for our patient (!) support. Soon, please, Waytools!!


Actually, I think even if I undertook such a project, it wouldn’t end up being very long.

First, I’d either leave out the crazy complaints/rants or just include a few examples of the different kinds of nonsensical things that have been posted - like accusing treggers of having “Stockholm Syndrome”. Or that I am really Mark Knighton. Etc.

Second even for those which may have some sense to them, often they are just stated again, over and over. No reason to read the same thing 1000 times!

That does leave the reasonable criticisms - including my own, of course. But that would be a minority. And as in the other cases, no reason to include virtually identical posts.

Not that such post are out of line in all cases. I certainly have made a bunch of posts about @waytools failure to give more info on where the heck this thing stands!

Likewise with those who post concerns about it ever shipping - many delays in shipping combined with lack of info about what is going on certainly makes that a fair concern! But you can probably pick 10 or so such posts and cover all the reasons for being worried.

One can certainly find places where the same things are said over and over. A good contrast are a couple of subreddits. One composed mostly of people who were banned here (sometimes rightly - sometimes I disagree). And my own subreddit where about the only posts are from me - which is fine (I don’t promote it). I just wanted a place to provide accurate - and non-ranting - information so this works well, imo. In fact, my main rule is that it is NOT for posting attacks.

It’s existed for about a year and has fewer than 70 posts (again, almost all mine) - but it gives a pretty clear idea of what has been going on - much of it in recent months pointing out the lack of a big update for the past 17+ months. So you get the negative stuff, but not repeated over and over every day and not devolving into personal attacks. Every month or so, until more is revealed by WT, works just as well.

And if the TB goes to GR, then this methodical history will be an important thing to look back on - without requiring months to read through!