New iPad Pro 12.9" with the TextBlade

Picked up a new iPad Pro 12.9" at launch yesterday. The smaller form factor makes the TextBlade look a bit bigger! The new shape is much better than the specs led me to believe. Easier to hold by one edge, much less torque than the previous generation. And while only a little lighter, the straight sides and the size make it feel much lighter. The A12X makes it a speed demon, and of course, works great with the TextBlade. The only issue i saw was that the new form factor is not compatible with the nano stands. you can lay the iPad on them, but the groove won’t hold up the iPad (not a reason to hold up GR though!!!)

I was glad I didn’t even need to look at the keyboard covers - will be great when many have that same option.


Do you have a side-on photo with the iPad in the nano stand?
I would have thought that the squared off edge would mean that the iPad sits further in… I don’t understand why it doesn’t fit.

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With my stands, they were just too wide. But then, the stands I had with me were the ones WT sent me to work with my iPhone and it’s fairly thick case. I wish I had taken a standard size(s) with me to compare.

Apologies for not being clear. The picture shows that the iPad fits into the nano stand, but it starts at such an angle that If i wasn’t holding it, the iPad would fall over.


Yes, groove fits ok, but the issue is the Cg moves back enough to make it unstable.

Both the prior and current iPad Pro 12.9 are too tall and heavy to rest in the NanoStand slot.

Smaller iPads and phones work ok though.

We use the iPad Pro 12.9 with the NanoStand underneath the back, for about 10-15 degree angle like a lectern.

That is very stable. You can actually press pretty firmly on the touchscreen and it won’t move. It’s quite different from the bouncy apple folding cover accessories.


I use the stands this way and it’s quite solid. I like this when meeting with people as it isn’t obstructive between us.

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The Plinth Stand should work remarkably well. It is so light weight. It recently impressed the airport TSA security. I carry a lot of gadgets and that results in getting stopped for a closer look about 50% of the time. I guess it’s time to register for Pre-Check.

I don’t even remember how I got on pre-check, but it definitely helps. I normally only fly out of smaller airports (Honolulu and Charleston SC). So the lines tend to not be as bad as, say, Atlanta. But the pre-check line is still shorter than the regular one.

Do not make this another issue that needs addressing before release. Instead, release TB and then provide options afterwards for the nano stand to support new device form factors.

C’mon @jlee928, do you really think WayTools will hold up GR for a stand?


Yes I do

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Soon never comes.

Yep, that continues to be a huge frustration. I know many just want to know when it will ship and, yes, that is the big one. But I place it second to an update since an update seems much easier to do!

Lately we are not even getting updates on when the updates will happen

NIDWAR (No I don’t want a refund)

I know. Which is very annoying which is pretty much what I’ve been saying. It makes no sense to me. I can see all kinds of possibilities for not doing GR - not that I KNOW, but reasonable possibilities are easy to see. Can’t say the same for the lack of an update. If it was one delay, I could see that. But not almost 5 months containing many individual delays.

Of course, I’ve listed many specific things that could be included, even if they have not made some important decisions yet, so I won’t repeat those.


One thing that would really make the circle complete, would be TB storage options for your primary device, like a laptop that has room to nest the TB with the lid closed, or a tablet case/cover that can accommodate the TB without having to collapse it.

Many smart covers for iPad already have the magnets in them, throw a few more in there in the right spots and boom, your TB will stick right on there, so you can run quick to your next meeting, plop your iPad down and jump right back into your work just a few seconds faster. Unless of course you are addicted to the take down and set up process. For me though, I am constantly being asked to access information at random times, without being able to reliably predict how long it will take or how much typing will be involved, so that kind of access speed along with a versatile portable (lap friendly) typing surface would be incredible.

That being said, none of us will truly be free until the iPad can run a desktop OS (without virtualization!).