New function strip makes for very useful custom keymaps

It makes you wonder what is going on. The latest hearsay is that its a hardware issue that is being tested. Presumably prior to applying it to ALL the current stock. Now you report, (and I’m grateful), that they are issuing software and firmware, (ios only), fixes, upgrades & etc.

Is this another Briklin? Rare and wonderful to have - that is for the 1,700 or so that have them. Or was this only about selling to Apple?

It makes you wonder.


Wow, thanks for that. I used to be a car nerd, but I had never heard of the Bricklin—I guess I was a middling car nerd. Strange, and interesting car. It’s like Pantera meets DeLorean meets Lancia.

—the difference is that a Bricklin can’t be remotely bricked.

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My understanding is that they made hardware changes and are testing them. In tandem with that, they have received a number of suggestions for improve the software and have been making improvements there too. The firmware changes (or at least a portion of them) may or may not be related to the hardware adjustments, but that much of the other software improvements have to do with improved functionality and not core functionality (like the wrong key being registered or rare timing glitches).

I’m hopeful that they will conclude this week that they are satisfied that the hardware issues are resolved and no longer gating release.

You are beginning to sound like Hawaii and Jim. How about stop shilling for WT and stick to facts. No more gossip, innuendo or hearsay. - Just saying.


Ha, fair enough. It’s all wild speculation on my part. However, I thought that was the basis of the comment I was responding to…

For those who wish to see what this looks like, here’s a composite:

There’s actually only one row with all the symbols/functions at the bottom, which you swipe left & right. In this example, I’m adding an em-dash (—) to the Green-Shift layer, corresponding to the M key. Shift+Green+M is easier to hit than Shift+Green+Comma,Period+X (for Shift+Option+Dash), which was how I had to do it before. The modkeys on the function strip are all sticky, so you can assign an arbitrary combination of them to a single key on a given layer.


Thanks for the image. That looks like an extremely useful enhancement!

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Actually I don’t think it is hearsay at all. While hardware is being proved out they are continuing to work on the firmware and whittling away at the wish list.

That’s great, just what I was missing in the 1.0.1 AppStore release. (Of course – in addition to the missing TextBlade). This adds magic to the green layer, or any other remapings …

Thanks for posting this :smile:

Now, I want my TextBlade even more :wink:

“information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate” —hearsay

Only one question: is it possible to add lower case letters to the Green-Shift layer? (And vice versa?)

In other words, is it possible to map letters to uppercase or lowercase regardless of shift status?

Unless something has changed, you can’t do that. I tried a while back without success.

Oh, one more thing – in Windows left Alt and right Alt (gr) modifiers have very different functions. Left Alt gives menu shortcuts, while Right Alt (gr) gives access to international letters like æøåüöñé etc. (On OS X and iOS it makes no difference).

Wouldn’t it be nice (or even neccessary) to add an AltGr (Right Alt) modifier? What do you think?
And maybe the same argument goes for SpaceBlade hot corner Alt? …

But all this can wait until v. 2.0

Weird, because he gave mostly facts and simply concluded with one sentence about what he was HOPEFUL about.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen at least three posts on forums that can’t even get the amount of time we’ve waited correct.

I never understood, considering the various perfectly reasonable criticisms that can be made, that we keep getting a lot of exaggerations on matters of clear fact.

All true. These are not mutually exclusive things. Hardware is the present gating issue. That is, barring new issues coming up, the firmware isn’t holding up shipping. It seems to just be a question of how long they’ll test the hw issues they think they’ve fixed.

However, this doesn’t mean that firmware issues aren’t being worked on at the same time Or already planned additions being applied. No reason to waste that time while HW is being tested.

I was able to map a lower or an upper case letter to the Green layer. I was only able to map an upper case letter to the Green-Shift layer.

Not only is it useful as it is, but I think it makes it really easy for them to add other keys as necessary.

The first iteration of this software didn’t have Scroll Lock, a key which I admit is probably never used by anyone but me. I asked about it, and it was there within a few hours; posted in the next build while they were making some other bug fix in the app. I assume that adding support for other keys is now as simple as adding an entry in a table somewhere.


Thanks, that’s good to hear.

As I understand, the Jump feature can be used to either change between onboard maps or between BLE devices, or both at the same time (same slot). Is it working like this in the latest update, or is this for future enhancement?

If you can change between onboard maps with the Jump feature, combined with custom maps, we have a very powerful way to toggle multiple layers.

Also, after using @wmertens Karabiner mapping, I have come to love the sticky shift function that is part of TextBlade features. I don’t think sticky shift is even possible with either ErgoDox or Planck (or is it @RominRonin?)

Bottom line, with the new ModKey/Function bar, it seems that the TextBlade is almost as configurable as the ErgoDox or Planck, or even more so …

Jumps are just for devices at the moment - unless I missed something in an update. But jumps that let you change keymaps is coming. I’m looking forward to that, but am curious as to how it will work. And how fast. After all, right now it takes some seconds to actually load in a different map. Will a jump to another map be as fast (2 seconds) as jumping to a different device or will it take longer?

And till each of the six slots be specifically assigned a device and a map? Or will it be more flexible, where you can do that, but also be able to retain your present map while switching devices and, likewise, keep your device the same but just change the map instantly?

Of course, anything that lets you change maps and devices till be cool, but some things would give more options than others.