New Dell laptop, screwdriver, TextBlade

Just trying for fit using some cardboard first, will make something nice up out of plastic later.
Unfortunatley there are several lugs that locate into the original keyboard and eat 2mm of the available depth. I still might cut or grind them out though.



The lid can close, although there is contact beween the keys and the screen, not enough to risk cracking the screen but maybe chafing could be an issue.

Some more aggressive mods can solve that.

All this goes to prove, I shouldn’t be left unattended with tools & beer.


That is bat-!@#&-crazy, and completely AWESOME.

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Will it still boot up?

That’s what I was wondering. My old Dell laptop wouldn’t boot without the keyboard attached.

That is awesome!

Boots no problem, logged in with TB.
For laptops that have a problem with that there may be solutions, perhaps disable some POST checks in the BIOS or add a low profile USB keyboard dongle and just leave it on there as a pacifier.


Doing the CSR BLE Dongle hack would also allow those laptops to have their BIOS controlled. Well, now that forward-delete works, anyway.

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Awesome! so you didn’t put the TB in a well/cardboard cutout?

I have been putting the TB on top of the keys of my MBP, with the internal keyboard disabled, and I noticed that my typing speed suffers a little, apparently you need a 100% solid position to get good speed. Your mod would be amazing but quite infeasible on a MBP, being a unibody.

Yeah the plan was a well for it to sit in, all this cardboard stuff is just to get some templates and work out clearances etc.

Because the keys are frameless I need to make sure the well edges don’t interfere with their movement, if only there was some way of fixing the the TB so it didn’t slide around :smiley:

The magnets don’t grab the alloy chassis you can see in those pics so I’ll need a thin metal plate as the base of the whole arrangement.

Perhaps you can paint the sides of the well so they don’t provide ledges the keys could interact with? Nail polish is good for that, also for putting guide dots on the keys (haven’t done that yet, not sure if it will come off if I don’t like it)