New Apple products

Just curious as to who may buy a new Apple product after the announcements on Tuesday. Well, you can throw in Android stuff too, but I just don’t keep track of those products very much.

I’ve normally upgraded by iPhone every two years (once I did it on consecutive years because I wanted a particular improvement). My iPhone X would thus be due for upgrading.

However, I haven’t really heard of any big changes other than 3 camera lenses if I opt for the higher models. Phones today are pretty mature technologies so hard to come up with something really new.

I did like the two lenses because I wanted the zoom. The wide angle would be handy on the new ones since most of my pictures are of scenery in Hawaii, but maybe not worth upgrading at these high prices. If they do a night mode like the Pixel does, that may really interest me, but it is possible that can be done on older phones with an iOS upgrade?

My feeling is it may be better to just wait another year this time, especially since I just got a new battery and screen for my X under warranty!

The Apple Watch is something I really like. I have the series 4 now. No big update is expected. I think the only thing that may motivate me to upgrade would be if they had a new sensor that I’d really like. Be able to check blood pressure or blood sugar would be very nice, but I don’t think we’ll see either one for a long time.

Other possible products - improved Homepod (or a new, smaller, less expensive one) would be of interest, but living in a condo, I always have to keep in mind that I need to keep volumes down. So filling up a room with big sound isn’t a good option for me. Besides, a lot of my music is classical, so you will often have stuff that is really soft (requiring volume not be to low to hear), and then get very loud.

I also had one before and it kept failing to find much of my music. I can’t remember the details, but it was either the music “matched” by iTunes or the music that did not need to be matched (iow, that I bought from Apple) that would not be found. Each time I had to restart the system again to get it to work for a little while. It also was not very good at responding to my commands, even if I was loud and close to it. This happened with two different units. I worry that I’ll just run into those problems again. But I do love the sound of them!

The possible Tile type accessory is of interest. I never bought a Tile. I felt they were too expensive (and I’d be shocked if Apple had a better price!) and then what happens when the battery dies? As I understand i, you just have to buy a new Tile, which makes the cost issue even bigger.

Apple TV shows, Apple Music, I don’t care much about. I tend to like to own my music and I’m not really into the latest rock stuff. I mostly own the old classics, older jazz type stuff. I might be interested in their game service. I need to research it some. I mean, if you sign up for it for a couple months and stop, do I lose the games I already got? I have LOTS of games, but I found most didn’t hold my interest for long and, frankly, most new games I hear about just seem like the same old stuff in a new wrapper. When a reviewer talks about “the great soundtrack” or “retro graphics” more than anything else, I figure the game itself may be lacking!

But if I can keep games if I drop out later, then it might be worth it to sign up for short periods once in awhile. Much like some people will sign up for the CBS service to binge watch all the Star Trek episodes they have and then stop until the next year’s season is over and repeat.

I’m pretty much the opposite. I always get Android products, and don’t keep track of the iPhone products much.

I guess, at least worldwide, there would be more like you than like iphone folks like me! So, didn’t they fairly recently have new Samsung phones or others? If so, did you have any interest in “upgrading”?

Considering how difficult it is now to really offer something new that is really compelling, I wonder if Apple will start a new strategy of stopping this ever increasing prices and offer something really good for less money - and treat the top models as just for those who want the best iphone they can get.

A possible step in that direction is what some say they expect with the new ones - that the XR equivalent will be presented as THE iphone and the others as “Pro”. From all accounts I’ve seen, the XR was a great phone, but just had one camera and no OLED screen. But it was considered a VERY good LCD screen. I don’t think it was presented so much as THE iphone, which can affect customer attitudes towards it. But if it is treated as the standard - and since it is cheaper - it may have a more positive effect on its sales while cutting more into the other iphones. Less profit, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

I’d also like to see an iphone for those who want something smaller, like the iphone SE, but not as much of a downgrade in capability (other than screen size, of course). I’m thinking if they applied the same approach (reduction of bezels, other that enough space for the home button which I expect it would keep), instead of a 4 inch screen, the same phone size could probably have a 4.5 inch or so screen and be considerably cheaper, even while using the same (or almost the same) cpu, etc. It could probably be a little less powerful and still seem pretty much as fast since it isn’t dealing with as many pixels.

Anyway, my point is that each year, it may become more and more important just to attract more customers into their universe which will then let them have more people to push that rapidly growing services.

I suspect we won’t get obvious moves in that direction until next year though.

I have an iPhone X and am pretty happy with sticking with it for at least another year or two.

I have an iPad Pro 11 inch from last year and am pretty happy with that one. I have never done the watch (fitbit works fine for me with a week-long charge) or homepod; not really interested in either at the moment.

I have a 2017 iMac which is doing great for me so no worries about that.

I also have an old MBAir and want to upgrade, but the current keyboards are a hard no for me. If only I had a good, small portable alternative keyboard… There are rumors that a new 16inch MacbookPro with a new keyboard is in the works. If it pans out, maybe. Not sure if they would reveal this in September.

I have Airpods gen 1 and they are starting to have battery issues. There are rumors of a gen3 version coming in a few months, but I may need to upgrade before then. This is perhaps the one I am most keen on upgrading and getting guidance on whether waiting is useful or whether gen2 is just fine.

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When they release a new iPhone model, if I really need to upgrade, now that they have waterproofing (starting with v7) I buy the previous year’s model.

What I really need is an update to the Macbook Pro. A proper update. They haven’t improved the Macbook Pro since 2013 (which is the model I’m still using – it’s still as good as new).

Since I work in software development, I need as much RAM and CPU as I can get. Intel just FINALLY released support for low power DDR4, so new notebooks could theoretically be made with 64GB LPDDR4 now (previously 16GB LPDDR3), and a lot more cores/hw-threads than I have (2/4).

I’m thinking it might be about time to upgrade my iPhone 6+, but it may not be to the latest depending on technology and price points.

It many ways, it’s great when products mature because there is less reason to upgrade. I used to think in terms of a new computer every 3 years. But my last one was replaced after about 6 years and the one before that was after 5 years. Of course, computers reached this more mature level before the iPhone has.

Otoh, the lack of exciting new capabilities in tech devices takes out a lot of the fun each year!

Maybe some really good AI will be the next big thing. Major health sensors, as I mentioned (blood pressure and sugar) would be as well on the watch. But heck, even those are just two. Right off hand I can’t think of many others though. I guess an even better EKG, but what else would be important that could drive sales? I would like better battery life. I’d probably still charge daily, but I’d like it to last at least 48 hours comfortably, even if running a sleep app. And if it could show the time all the time on the screen (even if something really minimal), that would be nice.

Speaking of watches, one thing that really bugs me is how the watch can be used to stop an alarm going off on your iphone. The process is simple - cover the watch screen with your hand. But why on earth does it take several seconds for that to actually stop the alarm?! I can’t see any benefit to such a delay at all. You can turn of the screen instantly with the same act. I guess there can be some delay when it has to tell the phone to stop the alarm, but several seconds seems unnecessary. But then may there is a technological reason I don’t know about, but that seems unlikely since I can tap “stop” on the watch and it stops right away.

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Looking forward to the update. Still running my 6s Plus from 2015!

I’m actually in LA at the moment and am hoping to grab one of the new ones the day they come out, just before I ping back over to the UK on the 21st. Will have to keep an eye on pricing and exchange rates etc.

Also potentially looking at a watch, but it’s really unclear what this gen will bring. Really interested in the tile competitor too, be amazing if they could pull it off.

Seems to me that this is to prevent an unconscious action. If you tap “stop” you literally act in that way, otherwise just to rapidly cover the screen can be a total unwanted/unconscious actin while you are still half asleep. Bu t I truly agree with you, the faster the better to stop an annoying alarm.

I thought about the accidental issue. I figure two solutions there. One would be a user option. The other would be to immediately cut out the sound but let it still vibrate on your wrist for the time it takes now. If you uncover it quickly, the sound resumes. Either way it would serve to avoid issues such as if you forget to turn off an alarm and are in a theater or other public place.

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Seems a quite good solution to me. Xiaomi Mibands works similar to that, a quick tap will snooze it and hold it will stop the alarm, the main difference here is that there is no sound at all on mibands.

No tile yet but the new iPhone cameras look great.
Ultra-wide images are great fun. My widest lens is 14mm and gives a really unique perspective. At least it was fairly unique until this batch of iPhones.

Yeah, the camera stuff is nice - though I wish the base model had zoom.

Like the always on apple watch - I assume there is an option to have it act like older models since a bunch of even dimly lighted screens in a theater may be annoying to others. Wonder how long the battery would last if you can do that?

But right now I still think I’ll wait for both another year. If I do buy something, it would be the watch.

I know he wasn’t perfect, but I certainly miss Steve Jobs. Life was more interesting with him in the mix. :slight_smile:

I’ve never owned a Samsung, I’m more of a Google guy. I like my Android phones updated with the latest and greatest as soon as it comes out. Looking forward to the Pixel 4 next month, especially the camera on it.

Yeah, I like to get the latest stuff too - and I can afford it. But it just seems ridiculous at the prices we have today to upgrade every year. Now, if I got a good deal on my old stuff, that would be different.

But my tendencies are to keep my previous phone as a backup. Since I used to buy every 2 years, by the time I am ready to move another one down to being a backup, the other is 4 years old and not worth much. I’ve also kept phones to play one particular game that plays a bit differently on different iphones. Having the 3rd highest score out of over 6 million players, it is important to get every point possible. I still have an iphone 4 for this reason! I did have a 3G, but that finally just fell apart.

But now another benefit of the phones in recent years is that they are still pretty good even years later. So my backup is an iphone 6s. So I could sell my iphone X and keep the 6s as my backup. I saw some on ebay going for $520 (so far - bids weren’t over). Mine may be worth more since I just had a new battery and screen replacement this month so it is like new.

Funny thing though, I saw one with a bid of $1099.99 with the base 64 storage (mine is 256). That’s crazy since you can buy the iphone 11 for $999!

So if anyone wants to give me $1000, I’m pretty sure I’ll sell it! :slight_smile:

Well, while waiting for the update, I got a new toy today - the new AirPod Pro. I have the original ones and used them occasionally. But while they stayed in my ear much better than the wired ones (which were pretty hopeless for my ear shape), these seem pretty solid.

I’m only at my desktop since setting them up, but they’ve been in for about 90 minutes without any feeling they will fall out - and from time to time I’ve shook my head pretty hard to try. My big concern would be using them while bicycle riding. Simply because I have to wonder if going down a steep hill at over 35 mph could cause enough air to push them out of my ears. At this price, that would be scary! Though hopefully using “find my” with a sound would let me locate them.

I’d say the comfort is much better than other devices you jam in your ear - maybe that “equalize pressure” thing they have is the reason.

The noise cancellation seems good. Wish I had them on my recent trip to the mainland and back. In my home, there is a lot of traffic noise, even with all doors and windows closed, from a nearby interstate (yes, we have highways that are part of the interstate system in Hawaii). With full noise cancellation on, I have to really strain to hear it right now, even though the roads are wet so probably noisier than usual. That’s with the windows closed. If I turn on transparency, I can hear it easily, though I think it is still a bit subdued.

Opening a window right across from me, noise cancellation doesn’t block all of it (I don’t know of any that does), but it is not a big deal, something is actually playing on the airpods at the time. With transparency on, you can hear the traffic easily even if sound is playing.

I like the sound quality a lot. But, in spite of being in the music field, I’m no expert on such things and would never claim to have an “expert ear”. Sometimes I wonder hot critical that is anyway, with the lower quality of mp3 recordings or the limitations of BT. When I was younger, I’d see a lot more stuff about speakers, headphones, and various other audio equipment and how good it was for frequency response/range, etc than I see now. I guess sometimes convenience combined with “good enough” has taken over. Besides, at my age I won’t hear some frequencies anyway!

The built in test for seeing which of the three tips works well is great! I tested with the mid-size first and it said both were fine (nice that each year is tested separately). Then I switched to the small size. The right ear still said it was fine, but the left got a bad report. This matched by feeling when I put them in - the left just didn’t feel quite right with the small size. I decided to go with the smaller size on the right side simply because I figured if they were essentially equal, the small size may be slightly more comfortable over time (though both have been pretty comfortable so far). I haven’t tried the large size, but don’t really see a need to.

One issue is that they are a bit hard to pull off and I was afraid of damaging them. I ended up looking at a youtube video just to make sure I was going about it the right way.

Since my computer setup doesn’t have any fancy sound system attached, I’m presently seeing how it works out to wear these all the time (well, there will be times they need recharging). Have to see how comfortable they are for long stretches, which is what I’m testing now.

Here in Hawaii, when we get to somewhat cooler weather, it may help me save some money. The way things work for me, in my condo, if I open the windows to let cool air in when it isn’t real hot outside, the traffic noise means I have to turn up the TV. But that may bother the neighbors. Other noise cancelling devices weren’t comfortable enough to compensate for long. These may solve that problem.

I do wish they had replaceable batteries. It’s a shame that when the batteries die eventually that you have to buy a whole new set!

Still looking forward to that update on the TextBlade though.


I had the AirPod Pros in my ears a lot yesterday. About 3 hours at first, then recharged them fully so I could do a test of how long they would last on a charge. They are rated at 5 hours (or 4.5 with noise cancellation on). I had it on and the first earbud died at 5 hours 2 minutes. The other died 20 minutes later. So that’s all good. More importantly, they never really bothered me. A lot of time I forgot they were there, though when I do pay attention, they certainly aren’t as good on comfort as having nothing at all. But so far it seems I can wear these most of the time without issue.

Today I’ve had them in for 2.5 hours so far. My goal is to leave them in and, using transparency mode, see if I can function just fine without taking them out (conversations, etc). Of course, this would be without actually playing anything in them!

I was listening to some music (usually I listen to podcasts) and heard stuff in them I sure never noticed with my regular AirPods. Probably better than other headphones I’ve tried as well, but those were too long ago to remember well. But then, I never spent the big bucks for top of the line stuff. What I got was good, but none of this thousand dollar or more stuff!

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After 2.5 years, my AirPods battery in the left ear was reduced to less than 5 minutes of use time on a full charge. Apple replaces the entire left unit in this case and does not have the means of replacing the battery. Two and half years is even out of AppleCare range, so I think I will hold off on the new ones and spend the $70 to get my left ear replaced. I expect to get 5 years or more out of an expensive set of headphones.

Yeah, I don’t think they should be such a short life span, but I really do like these pros anyway. If I do adopt a use pattern where I’m wearing them most of the time, maybe they’ll wear out within the warranty!

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