Nerd Heaven - Tesla’s CyberTruck Unveil

Interesting news item, for what it illustrates about disruptive design -


Tesla debuted it’s new CyberTruck.

A radical rethink of the pickup truck, leveraging Tesla’s all-electric propulsion technology.

Likened to ‘an armored personnel carrier from the future’, and ‘evoking Blade Runner’

It was a closely guarded design until the reveal.



Pickup trucks are by far the highest volume vehicles in North America.

Tesla’s fresh approach to legacy paradigms will soon disrupt this huge market too.

It’s an archetypal example of how great engineering from first principles, can reimagine and reinvent long-held traditions. And completely change our experience. Have a look.

Many years from now, their announcement will likely be seen as an inflection point, of historical significance -

The moment when public perception began to shift broadly to - EVs as the new mainstream, and gasoline would begin to recede into the past.

We admire Tesla’s imaginative passion and engineering excellence. It leads the world.

They are a beacon of hope for a better future, that has inspired us in the creation of TextBlade.


Radical design.

Impressive outlook for the tri-motor!

  • 800+km (500+MI) RANGE (EPA EST.)
  • 6.35+t (14,000+LBS) TOWING CAPACITY
  • <2.9S0-60 MPH

I just bought an old 4Runner, hoping one day in the distant future to convert it to electric. The CyberTruck looks amazing!

I’d love on-board air to reinflate tires (after dropping their pressure for the off-road segments). Wow!

Wow! Radical, even shockingly different design.

At first sight it’s like, what? This is so weird!

But the more you study how it works, the more brilliant it is.

Smaller on the outside, yet bigger on the inside. 6 passengers, plus a full load bed.

Yet it parks smaller than an F150.

More payload size and weight than an F150. Nearly 2 tons! Yet lighter chassis.

And dynamic self-leveling, up to 16 inch ground clearance.

An hour after the first look, (and gasp), the aesthetic has already steadily grown on us. It has purpose.

The locking vault panel for the bed, covered with solar cells.

The stainless steel exoskeleton, using the same alloy as the starship. Tall, super rigid side flanks.

Totally eliminates the underbody frame, yet far stronger, with far more space. Won’t rust, either.

Completely unconventional architecture, that’s genuinely a bold stroke of genius.

Trucks are utility, and this maximizes utility.

No painting cost delivers more function, and strength per dollar. Starts at same price as Model 3! 39K

And the paint-free body doesn’t ding or scratch. Just scotchbrite the brushed finish, and it gleams like new. Deep dive through the wilderness brush, and come out looking shiny like an alien space rover.

An edgy, break from convention. A bold vision, worthy of a rocket scientist. And it’ll work pretty much as is, on the lunar surface. Soon. Imagine that PR moneyshot.

He’ll ride all the controversy straight into dominance of the biggest vehicle market of all.

History unfolding right before us.

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Mark Watney would drive one of these.

The trompe l’oeil - that vertex peak at the center, and long smooth slopes front and rear, fool the eye into shrinking the overall mass.

The overall visual language is a triangle, with prismatic surfaces. It’s the language of a truss.

Truss = super strength, without the mass.

Spacecraft are made of ultralight trusses.

Truss = spacecraft = the shape of the future.

Below, from the Martian, the rover cab made entirely of triangular trusses.

I’m disappointed that the don’t have an interior shot showing the Textblade stuck to the dash.

The triangular magnetic blade array will fit right in.

Hmmm, following the order link where, if I read it right, it only costs $100 to start your order? Well, it says, “Due now”, but I didn’t see anything about when more would be due.

If so, I wonder how many people will do that, with no intention of actually paying for one, but hold a place in line which they will then “sell” to someone else? Gotta be a catch in there somewhere.

Dbk - At $100, Tesla just has a nominal filter, to weed out non-serious reservations.

Historically, Tesla’s preorder system has never actually resulted in a better deal or meaningful queue advantage for customers. So they can’t really claim any benefit for prepaying 40K or 5K or even 1K as before. For the incredibly capital-intensive job of making cars, that’s always been more about the public showing support to make it happen. Now that they have almost 6 billion in the bank, it”s more about connecting with prospective customers, and priming them 2-3 years before delivery. For a 50K capital purchase, you need time to build up to that high inertia decision.

For TextBlade, the product is very affordable, and our preorder deal is designed to be far better economically than can be offered in general release. There’s more about that in our announcement.

We have to guarantee that it works out very well for everyone who stuck by us during validation. That means the preorder folks definitely have much better terms than those in general release.

Doing that vindicates our mission, and lets us use our success to benefit all those who helped us. That kind of sharing cements our brand reputation. Then all follow-on products (like our nexgen mouse, super-useful accessories, and more) have an instant audience. Once already confident of the company’s values, folks are excited and hungry to get more new advances.

With our lead product delivered in volume, that will spread the word, and begin a virtuous cycle of advances and growth that lets us move very quickly to address other requests and needs.


I own a model 3. Best vehicle I’ve ever driven. I’m not a truck guy but I’d buy this in a heartbeat if it were available today.


I watched the reveal and when I first saw it… I was confused. Is that really it? Cause it looked awesome!! I grew up in the 80’s and that thing looks like the vehicle of my wildest childhood fantasies. It could have come straight out of Bladerunner, Tron, Aliens, The Last Starfighter, and a litany of other 80’s flicks I can’t even think of right now. I’ve never own a Tesla and honestly really didn’t think I ever would.

But that all changed the other night. I plopped down my hundred bucks and now the wait is on. Question is - will my Tesla super truck arrive before my TextBlade? Hmmm…

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Jimz and Bradyz -

It can be said that all true leaps in innovation, flow from first principles thinking.

A machine should be designed to do its job well, even if it must transcend tradition.

You optimize function, and then the best form follows.


The visually radical fastback slope is shockingly different from our prejudices about trucks.

Yet it’s the key to many of Cybertruck’s advances.

  • Much lower aerodynamic drag, and hence far greater range.
  • Locking, disappearing, built-in automatic rolltop bed cover.
  • High rear haunches that facilitate a super strong, triangular exo-truss.
  • No underbody frame, no dead load ——> much higher payload capacity.

The prismatic surfaces allow the cold-worked stainless steel to retain its hardening, for far greater strength-to-weight ratio than conventional curvy mild-steel body stampings. Way different, fresh styling direction, but entirely driven by superior science.

So these choices were not arbitrary, not fanciful, but instead disciplined … honestly brilliant.

To build great advances, you have to be pretty fearless, even maniacal.

Many people who used to buy SUV’s will buy this thing because it is so good at its function.

At the same 39K price as a Model Y SUV, you get full dynamic air suspension and active body control - which buys you race car handling, and auto load leveling. It’s insanely good.

Paradoxically, the same dynamic suspension allows it to ride smoother than a normally sprung model 3. Yet at the same price - because they have no painting cost, with a gleaming, super hard, stainless steel exo-skeleton. That is a very smart trade.

All of these stacked synergies … it’s true genius.

Shedding convention to pursue fundamental purpose, this is design at its highest expression of the art.

It’s the mindset that pushed us to make TextBlade 1.5oz of pure keys.

Higher quality keys, that are larger, travel more, and feel better than their legacy predecessors.

Re timeline, we think many Cybertruck buyers will be sticking their long-used magnetic TextBlades to its prismatic steel work surfaces from the first day they get their trucks.


As to aesthetic looks -

As the design virtues begin to sink in -

Shock, turns into awe, and then into love.

Many describe the same progression -

“What! … Wait … Wow! … I get it! … I love it!”

The numbers prove this - more than 146,000 reservations in the first 18 hours.

That’s equal to an order book of $8 billion.

Merit ultimately does win.

For many, just one day in, all other trucks already have begun to look old.


Why all this excites us, is that it mirrors the response we see when users get their TextBlades.

It’s a kind of large-scale existence proof that these principles indeed work.

Even with the spin and criticism from past players, merit wins.

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So there will be a combo deal where, if you buy a TB with this truck, you get a special discount? :slight_smile:

Good idea.

Because both products reduce CO2 emissions.

In solidarity with that mission, maybe we’ll add an extra goody for preorder customers who send us their Cybertruck reservation receipt.

Will think about what would be a good perq.

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BTW, forget about sending me the Tesla car - just send me this truck, as part of the “Tesla Release Group”.

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I stuck my TextBlade to a fridge to get some work done once - very solid work surface and the TextBlade didn’t budge the whole time.
Prying it off again was another matter; those magnets are so strong!

Gmadden - :+1:t3: To remove, grab from stainless steel end, and peel up.

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