Need a formula in Numbers

While waiting for an update, I’m looking for a formula in a Numbers spreadsheet.

I have a column of different numbers - and want to check the cells that contain the number 4. This is column C.

In column D, there will also be different numbers and I want the ones that contain 999.

The result I’m looking for is a count of how many of those containing 4 also have 999 in the next column.

Column/Rows would be C3:C402 and D3:D402.

I figure “AND” will be involved but everything I see with formula examples only has co do with specific cells, not ranges. Or maybe a whole different approach is needed.

I’ve never used the numbers app, but I took a quick peek. I would go to an empty column and do IF(C3=4,IF(D3=999,1,0),0) which will put a 1 in the column if it has both the 4 and 999, I don’t know if numbers works like other spreadsheets but that formula is repeated down the column, then just make a cell that sums that column.

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I’ll do that if I can’t get a solution that does it all at once - I’d like to avoid extra columns.

This should do it: COUNTIFS(C3:C402,"=4",D3:D402,"=999")


That seems to work! Thanks a lot!