Native USB-C please

Just got the Macbook Pro 16. Obviously I ordered a raft of USB-C adapters so no urgency but may as well get the wish in now while it’s keeping with the times.

USB-C please.

also, just bought the Yubikey 5 too so yes, USB adapters will be around for a while one way or the other.

So I guess you did not order the USB-C variant of the Yubikey (5C or 5Ci to also have Lightning), then…?

No, mostly because it’s a compromise of design and just uglier than the original design, does not support NFC either as lightening is proprietary.
I’ve ran Yubikeys for years now and this form factor is solid, perhaps why they never made a USB-C variant of the government standard for FIPS too or feature it’s ugly face on the front page :slight_smile: